As per the alphabets its P followed by R

I have now noticed a certain pattern. I seem to at first write a few lines as a WhatsApp status update and then elaborate it into a blog as the thoughts come together to form something wholesome. You wont believe, I had writing fear. But with practice, meaning just start writing (blogging) I feel that … Continue reading As per the alphabets its P followed by R


The arbitrary milestones

I wonder when it all began. I wonder as to for how long it has been in existence. We have given it many names. Each culture and country celebrate its renewed beginning differently. Is it really new? Is it just our imagination? What is new about it? I never felt excited about the concept of … Continue reading The arbitrary milestones



It's a natural process. Seeds sprout, saplings emerge, plants grow, flowers blossom, fruits ripen. Sun rises, shines brightly at noon, gradually cools down, silently sets itself and lets the moon rise. Conception, tiny tot, playful child, growing adolescent, experiencing youth, dynamic mid-life, greying maturity, whitening old age, retiring wisdom. Not all change is natural, pre-set … Continue reading “CHANGE”


These 3 are not different !

There are a lot of things we don't understand completely. Quantum mechanics, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Life in Deep Ocean, extreme acts of humanity, unpredictable expressions of nature, evolution, the theory of relativity and so on. But there are a few who do understand these exact things that I just mentioned. They have deep knowledge … Continue reading These 3 are not different !

Games by Age Group (. or ! or ?)

I walked into a toy store at Bangalore Airport and began browsing. I love to do this. Looking at things new and colourful. The courteous staff approached me with a smile and straight asked me a question - 'You are looking for which age group sir?' This set me thinking about the appropriate punctuation ending … Continue reading Games by Age Group (. or ! or ?)