Aamchi Mumbai – Time Space Money

‘I shall never leave Bangalore’ – a vow that i claimed to be like Bheeshma Pratigna….

I am writing this post from Aamchi Mumbai !!!!

I would like to capture my experience of my first 30 days in Mumbai…..much of it is reflections….

I consider that time, space and value of money is largely defined owing to the numerous tracks and milieu of people traveling through the trains from pre dawn to post dusk…..

The precision and movements by the minute in the trains translates to a lifestyle and conversations that are more precise and measured.

In most cities, small change means nothing….but here I calculate in 5’s and 10’s. It’s the result of the benchmark effect – pricing of the journeys through the locals….There is immense value to small money and hence it’s rarely pocketed saying no change like it most happens in Bangalore.

Space – We’ll….if u spot an inch, assume it’s a metre and go ahead…..else u could risk the wrath of the person to whom you request for space…

Time, Space and Money have gained a different perspective in Mumbai……

Next post shall be about the celebrations in the city..

Thank you

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