Where do I stand ?

A sudden realisation that I am halfway through my journey in life. I assume most people would have found their path by now and would be vigorously making strides to reach their goal. My parents are beyond 60. At times I feel sad that I have not yet given them a reason to be proud of me, proud of my achievements. Nevertheless, I do hope the moment will arrive soon enough.

Having studied Finance and worked in the Finance Sector, I decided to shift to the Development Sector in early 2017. I am thankful for having made this decision. I hope that the Universe does guide me further. I am praying.


I want to get closer to IKIGAI.

I am establishing new connections, attempting new things and certainly seeking guidance from within. I do hope and pray that my journey is fulfilling and will lead me to my haven within me.

I attempted a free internship for two weeks at Snehadhaara Foundation. Do read about it in my blog post-https://snehadharafoundation.org/2018/06/16/reflections/

I urge each of you to be in the place you want to be. Don’t let life drag you down a path you don’t like. After all the world is a school and life is all the lessons to be learnt. It’s important and exciting that we discover ourselves and find our meaning in life.

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