These 3 are not different !

There are a lot of things we don’t understand completely. Quantum mechanics, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Life in Deep Ocean, extreme acts of humanity, unpredictable expressions of nature, evolution, the theory of relativity and so on. But there are a few who do understand these exact things that I just mentioned. They have deep knowledge about it. They know how it works. They have learnt the language that teaches them this knowledge. We call them by various names such as scientists, domain experts and specialists.

Three things that continue to elude human understanding are

  • Ourself
  • World
  • God

There sure is much variety in the way we understand and interpret these three aspects and more imaginatively the relationship between these three aspects. It’s apparently an elusive concept. Something that is obscure and most feel that it is best explained through abstraction.

What exactly is the language that will open the door to this understanding? The answer is religion. Your next question would obviously be ‘which religion?’ This is a very difficult question to answer if you have to choose amongst the many. The answer luckily is easy. All of them is the right answer.

It does happen that after you have had your favourite dish, you don’t want to really eat anything else. You like to relish the lingering taste and flavour in all of your mouth. It kind of fills you up!

It does happen that when the idea finally occurs to you, you no longer think if you can achieve it or not. You just go after it. You chase it. You get to it relentlessly!

It does happen that when you meet someone very special in your life, time takes a back seat and you become oblivious to all the surroundings!

It does happen and for sure has happened to many that after they experienced the Master (in Telugu Swami), that you no longer need any other explanation and experience to understand that the three things are not different!


Pic Source: The Shack

These 3 things are often misunderstood so widely and disproportionately. The Shack is a must watch. To me, it is a perfect summary of the life and teachings of the Master.


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