Naming the unknown !

What purpose does a name serve ? Primarily identification. It could be of on object, idea, concept, theory, phenomena et al.

A person named Kumar can be distinguished from a person named Suresh. In the absence of this singular word, we probably would have to resort to a bunch of descriptive traits. Like the way we do in some of our daily conversations. ‘Hey, do u remember that guy, short, wears bright colours, blue eyes…..he loves taking…’. ‘Oh ! You are referring to Dhanesh !’. ‘Yes, Dhanesh…thanks da, I was struggling to remember his name.

‘Do you know Keshav?, he went to this place which has a huge building. It is beautiful. It has beautiful designs. Its made of marble. Its old. Its inspiring…..’ ‘Oh you mean, Taj Mahal!’

‘I like to hangout with Tripathi. He always presents himself to be happy. He mingles with all. He jokes. He smiles. He entertains… know all in all he is a very jovial person’

Gravity, Energy, Enlightenment, Efficiency, Simplicity, Creativity, Terrorism, Fashion, Sanctuary, etc…..Names indeed for things/aspects/ideas that exist.

Can we name something that does not exist ?

Lets say we create a term as instinctism(I tried with various other words such as funnism, elementalism, electroism and google tells me that these words do exist and so does the word I chose as an example) and elaborate it to mean those who live naturally each day for the moment as their instinct guides them to be. This set of people just live each by themselves and grow and discover life naturally. No preset systems of education, conditioning of mind etc is present amongst these people. There are not subject to rules, they don’t govern themselves, there is no social contract amongst themselves. No two members are alike. Each of their life journeys and patters of evolution is natural, unique and varied. If they were to choose to live amidst us, thay are extremely adaptable and intact have extreme abilities to adjust themselves to any climate, societal contexts, learn and infact exceed exceptionally.

This word and its description in all probability has made your mind (in the background, as you are reading) screen the people u know and trying to establish some of them to be a fitment (may be in varying degrees) into the concept of instinctism.

Thus there are now people who are instinctistic and who are not instinctistic. Overtime, we might have research papers, institutions, followings….wars and even peace treaties ! Ha ha ha.

The word secular was a later addition to the Constitution of India by way of an amendment during the Emergency period when the democratic process was under suspension !

Coining a word such as this – secular, is to naturally give rise to its opposite meaning too. Not secular.

We do know the damage that lines of distinction causes. The new trending words (used and emphasised more) now are Gender, race, language, age, generation etc.

What we do need now are powerful ‘names’ that blur the perceived and imagined lines of distinction and establishes unity, harmony and peace.

Our current vocabulary shall determine the contours of our future world !

Afterall, What’s not in a name ?

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