‘Spiritual Economist’


What we often hear is that growth is good. More the GDP, faster the growth of the economy, greater the possibility of pulling population out of poverty.

How do we increase GDP? Let us take a look at what constitutes GDP:

GDP = C + G + I + NX

GDP is equal to the sum of Consumption + Govt Spending + Investments + Net Exports.

More consumption, more investments, more spending and more net exports make our country richer, developed and prosperous.

What has spirituality taught me?

Consume little or less. Conserve. Don’t let your wants drive you. Be watchful of your growing desires for consumption and accumulation of wealth. Share what you have.

Will a spiritual mindset lead to economic growth and prosperity? Can spirituality be the answer to both individual evolution and collective prosperity and growth?

I am in search of books, videos and cited research papers.

I asked my senior alumnus to suggest me a book on economics which is based on the teachings and principles of my Master. I am thankful to him. I also came across a Ted Talk. With your help, would like to grow this collection.

Books: Small is Beautiful – A Study of Economics as if People Mattered


Share your findings/links by mentioning in the comment section below:

Thank you.


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