Trek Insights

If we are totally absorbed looking at each step as we climb up so that we don’t inadvertently step upon something slippery, thorny, slushy, or loose soil, then we lose sight of the expansive beauty of the view that the height offers.

If we are totally lost in the expansive beauty of the view that the journey to the summit offers, then we might make a wrong step and hurt ourselves.

It’s about Nature, so Green seems to be a better font colour :-). Yesterday was the first time ever I went on a short trek with a wonderful set of colleagues from the Batch 20 of the Public Policy Course offered by Takshashila Institution. We had a 3-day workshop in Discovery Village located at the foothills of Nandi Betta.

A few words about my colleagues, before I proceed to narrate about the trek. Diverse backgrounds from across the country with varied experiences. Lawyers, Environmental activists, Media professionals, Consultants to the Govt, IT Professionals, Development Policy experts, Policy Analysts, Citizen Rights enthusiasts, Sports champion and sports lovers, folks from various NGO’s, Supply chain professionals, Senior Management members, Startup Founders and so on. Diverse perspectives, Niche talents, and varied motivational drivers are what I got to see and learn. 

The Public Policy Course equips us with the reasoning skills, analytical frameworks, and communication styles to understand public issues, analyze existing policies, design new policies and enables us to be more effective and participative citizens in the democracy. It provides us with perspectives about macro behaviours rooted with the understanding of micro motivations.

To be effective in the policy space, one needs to recognize that individuals matter as much as aggregate level trends suggest us with various decisions to be taken. While we need to keep in mind everyone, we should not lose focus that outcomes impact each one. In Gandhiji’s words – Sarvodaya and Antyodaya.

Each moment is important and so too the vision of the journey. Each step of the recipe and so too the final mix of flavours in the buffet being prepared. Each turn on the road and so too the progress towards the destination. Each interaction with the customers and so too the larger insights we wish to gather from the market. Overemphasis of one over the other means, imbalance and losing out on the opportunity of enjoying the other experience.

As I was walking up, I paused to lift my head and look at the expanse around, view from the top, view across, and view above. It’s beautiful, insightful and absolutely enjoyable when it’s with spirited friends and colleagues.


Let’s be watchful of our individual steps and at the same time have a view of our larger purpose and life ahead!


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