Relative Vs Absolute. Let’s be aware!

There is one category of people who are motivated in purely relative terms. Amongst the lot, they aspire to be the best. This lot keeps changing, growing and expanding in different circumstances. There is another category of people who are motivated not in relation to others but in relation to themselves. Progress gives them joy. There certainly is a third category who express joy basis varying combinations of the above two types.

I would not like to say as to which is better. It’s rather important to be aware of ourselves. Self-awareness is the first step. We can then decide for ourselves and put efforts in the direction we want to proceed. Afterall, the source of happiness varies for each one of us.

An interesting video, below illustrates that cucumber was good enough until the awareness of grapes.

An interesting photo below gives us an altogether different insight about happiness. Members in the state of Karnataka in India can relate to this with the #3 coming to power and occupying the seat of Chief Minister in the recently held state elections.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-19 at 3.27.27 PM

Pic Source: Whatsapp forward

There are wider applications to this phenomena.

Happiness, measures of success, achievement and so on are all subject to relativity or absoluteness. It’s wise to be aware. Let’s take a few examples:

  • India’s GDP growth rate is x%, which is highest amongst the BRICS. What about India’s potential for GDP growth? What is the gap between the current and potential?
  • The Life-expectancy in India has more than doubled since Independence. How do we fare in comparison with other countries in Asia?

Let me end this short blog by saying that measures/ positions/rankings are tools to help us indicate and gauge the position and status of things. What really matters is alignment to Vision, Mission and Objectives. Be it for oneself or organisations or economy as a whole.

Relative distance should not take away the joy of absolute progress and absolute progress being blind about relative potential is also weak.


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