#2 Discovering Metallic Goodness

This is a very short post. It ought to be since it’s about something very very small. It’s about the plastic straw.

In a month, I drink coconut water about 5 times at least and hence in a year 60 times. I have fruit juice/milkshake about 3 times in a month and hence 36 times a year. This makes it about 96 straws per year. So many more if I count my family members also. How about you?

We all know that this causes damage, especially to marine life. What is the alternative? There may be many. Like Starbucks offers recyclable straws. But I noticed something in my neighbourhood, just about 300 mts from my home.

This morning during my morning walk, I noticed a couple drinking coconut water using metallic straws. On asking, they said they always carried a pair in their car and they purchased this from Amazon. Isn’t it something simple and easy?

I am going to purchase a set from Amazon. I do hope that you would consider evaluating this option. Thank you.

[Featured image pic source: Click Here]

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