#3 Discovering Goodness – At 65 he juggles!

Ever since I have started this series titled – Discovering Goodness, I now actively lookout to find goodness. More often than not, goodness is all around us. However, it is silent and rarely announces itself loudly. What we see and notice is actually a reflection of what we want to see and notice. You may recall the story of Duryodhana and Dharmaraja. They both were sent to the same town but came back with diametrically opposite conclusions. While Duryodhana observed that there was not even a single good person other than himself, Dharmaraja reported that there was not a single bad person in the entire town! Watch this scene enacted as a play in the divine presence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Sai Students Drama – As is the Vision, so is the Creation

At age 65, Mr. Krishna Kumar juggles, jogs and joggles (juggling while jogging). He actually looks much younger. Always smiling, always learning something new. You ask him “How are you?” and you get a jubilant answer ‘Never better”. It’s a joy to keep his company and converse with him.

Although my classmates learned juggling in their class 6,7 itself (it’s very common for the students at Sri Sathya Sai Primary School to master the art of juggling at a young age itself. Its one of the many hostel pastimes. In fact, there used to be competitions and leagues to determine the ultimate master juggler). I, however, didn’t pick this skill then. Luckily I found Mr. Krishna Kumar.

Anybody can approach him and he teaches them in a simple and efficient manner. He does it with passion. I have seen kids and aged morning walkers both learn from him. His technique is unique. You learn it real quick. How to become his student? It’s simple. Come over to Madhavan Park, Jayanagar and don’t let your inhibitions come your way 🙂 That’s about it. Thanks to the joggler (he juggles while he is running or you can say he runs while he is juggling), I too can now juggle, jog and run while juggling!

Do read about him more at:


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