Stay Invested – Body to Mind

Disclaimer: I am not… I am not a parent. I am not a doctor. I am not a child psychologist. I am… I am an observer. I am a thinker. I am a learner and I am a doer.

After much hard work and earnings, the precious savings was finally invested through a Mutual Fund House. I checked Value Star Ratings, asked my friends, never consulted my banker, read a few reports, finally did what my broker asked me to do. I was trying to fill the know-how gap. I did my best and then thought its best to do what my broker tells me. He is a good family friend. My father too invested through him. So what better option? Having invested, I sure wanted it to grow. I wanted it to give me positive returns when the market was down and I wanted it to give me more positive returns when the market was up. Haven’t I taken the effort to research and abide by the advice of an expert? So obviously it must work, right? Wouldnt I be called a fool, if I just sat back and waited for 5 years and look at the statement after the fund has closed? What could can I possibly make then? After all, I am an intelligent investor, at least I think I am like most think they are!

And so, I didn’t sit idle. I checked returns regularly, I compared my fund’s performance with those of my friends, I watched mutual fund shows on CNBC and consulted my broker and finally did what he said. At times, I purchased more units, I withdrew a few units, I shifted between funds, I re-balanced my portfolio. I stayed invested in the process and it clearly did pay me off. I didn’t lose money. I got good returns. I got better than what an FD would do for me. After all, he is a good broker. My dad too invested through him. Learning: Stay Invested

Now what you just read is an analogy I am using to convey a certain perspective. Tell me after you finish reading if I did a good job or I need to do better.

Couples begin to care a lot when they learn that they are pregnant. The mother-to-be gradually becomes very conscious of her intake, supplements and lifestyle. In a few homes, spiritual sounds of OM, Vishnusahasranama and the like fill the air. Everything is more deliberate, conscious and purposeful.

We chose the best doctor, best hospital, best approach to welcome the angel. We pick the best clothes, use the best baby care, feed the most nutritious stuff, provide the best atmosphere for the baby.

As it begins to turn-over, crawl and slowly walk. We give the best toys, give our best moments, most of our time and continue to give the best of food. 

As it begins to walk around, make sounds, express emotions and learn to interact, we enrol the child in the best pre-school, arrange the best pick-up and drop facility, take the child to some of the best places for play, fun and entertainment.

As the child grows further and we can no longer keep pace with the undying energy levels and zeal to play and learn, we make a wise decision, because everybody makes this decision because this is the way it is supposed to be I guess, we enrol the child into the best school

Until this stage, I would like to label this as the body phase, as parents we seem to be very deeply invested with the upbringing of the child. We discuss, consult, ask the elders and do our best. And then suddenly we seem to handover the responsibility of the child to the school and his/her friends. 

As the child grows, the body needs reduce and mind needs increase. The child is exposed to innumerable interactions, concepts, people, perspectives, cultural practices. Its like floodgates have been opened to a field full of saplings. But as parents, we did great at taking care of the body. Somehow, we don’t transition that well to the mind phase of the child.

Think about it ?

Do we as parents or did we as kids have some of the following ?

Do we devote conversation time with the kids? Do we sit down to listen to their ramblings? Do we make time to get into their new expanded lives? Do we get down to their level and help them gradually make sense of the world? Do we consciously level our behaviour to their age and go along with them or do we suddenly stand tall, not bend, not adapt and think that the school is taking care of everything? Do we celebrate their evolving versions of wins, success and achievements? Do we share sorrow in their evolving versions of losses, failures and setbacks? These are just a few. I am sure you will know more to add to the list here.

I just think, as parents and elders at home, we stay relatively really invested in their growth and development through for their body needs. But when it comes to the mind needs, we somehow leave it to the judgement of the school. There certainly is a gap in both the know-how and do-how.

Think about it? Find ways to stay invested even through the Mind phase of the child.

Whats important is to stay invested for better returns !


  1. I love the analogy. You couldn’t have said it better. “Stay invested for better returns”.
    However, I wish every parent knew that they need to stay invested for way beyond the body phase in order to have a good return. Like you said, many many parents can’t wait to “hand over” their kids to schools, institutes and later even to psychologists and counselors.
    Much needed post Manoj. Thank you for this.

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    1. Thank you Natesh. Glad you were able to make sense and attribute sense and weight to my perspective. Largely Schools concentrate only on the child and ignore the ecosystem in which the child is learning to live in. Parents role is limited to PTM (Parent Teachers Meeting) and a teachers skill set is limited to teaching the child. Who is then paying attention to the needs of the parents.

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      1. So true Manoj. I guess the issue is so enormous that it can take a generation to really change the system. But to look at the brighter side, I am also quite aware that many many people are working very hard to bring this to light. I know you have also done lots of work in the educational field at the grass-root level.


  2. Very thought provoking read! I think the trickiest part is for parents to find a balance between investing in their children and investing in themselves. That’s where the modern work cultures make it very difficult for parents to spare not just time but even their energies towards their child’s well being.

    Another line of thought is how the investment in the body and the minds’ needs has to be superseded or at least complimented by the investment in their spiritual needs, or in enhancing their very life energies. That probably ensures the highest returns!

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    1. I initially titled the blog post as ‘Stay Invested – Body to Mind to Soul’ and then limited it to Mind. While paying attention to and contributing towards the development of connect to the soul is important, it only gets more intangible and abstract. Body is tangible. Mind and Soul gets more abstract. Also, nobody disputes the existence of Mind and its various functionalities such as memory, thinking, analysis, creativity etc. However, soul is more abstract, subtle.

      Hope to write another post – Stay Invested Part 2: Mind to Soul.

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