The arbitrary milestones

I wonder when it all began. I wonder as to for how long it has been in existence. We have given it many names. Each culture and country celebrate its renewed beginning differently.

Is it really new? Is it just our imagination? What is new about it?

I never felt excited about the concept of New Year. Mid-night bash, late night celebrations, et al, always seemed quite apart for me. I have never been able to connect to the idea this way.

To me its a continuum. Ever flowing. Its an undercurrent. By mere passage of it, seems nothing great or exciting to me. It certainly is a great reference point. It makes conversations convenient. I can imagine the difficulty in conveying things but for the idea of past, present and future. It has its basic utility. I don’t doubt it. But I am not sure as to why its medium version is more landmark than its shorter versions or its longer versions.

If we were to list its versions from the shortest to longest to the extent human mind has been able to conceive, comprehend and measure, this greatly celebrated change is neither the median nor the mean.

By itself, to me it is of utility but certainly not of defining value. Instead, what lends value to it is what we accomplish of it.

Celebrating mere change in age and year seems so rudimentary. As if we are the type that loves counting and consider the progress of which to be so phenomenal. Ha ha ha.

The arbitrary virtual milestones are imaginative. Its like marking boundaries to a rivers flow. We may say, it has now entered Karnataka and would exit the state after 100 kms and then enter Andhra, etc etc. by itself its a perinnial flow.

What certainly is celebratory is our evolution, and growth. The real milestones.

The defaults of nature are always set in motion each in its own rhythm.

Lets make music out of it. The tunes of which brings greater harmony and peace in the world. Lets mark our progress and celebrate its movement on such real, worthy and significant milestones !

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