As per the alphabets its P followed by R

I have now noticed a certain pattern. I seem to at first write a few lines as a WhatsApp status update and then elaborate it into a blog as the thoughts come together to form something wholesome. You wont believe, I had writing fear. But with practice, meaning just start writing (blogging) I feel that I am getting better. So can you.

Lets jump to the topic.

OfCourse its P, Q and then R. But what I am talking about now is about P and R only.

I have been trying to observe the influence of these two alphabets P for Purpose and R for Routine. It plays out in so many ways. Let me list them for you.

– Often times, we pursue our purpose within the routine of our lives. We wake up, exercise, bathe, pray, get to work, work hard, get back, relax, dine, chit chat and sleep. There is a purpose we attend to, but it doesn’t start until 9 am and certainly ends by 6 pm and so neatly sits wishin the routine.

– There are other times, when purpose sits outside our daily routines. We seem to pursue our purposeful wishes of gymming, art, theatre, Social work etc before 9, after 6 and certainly in the weekends.

– There are a few for whom routine takes a shape based on the purpose. Energised by purpose, their days and nights gets scheduled to enable them to fulfil their goal. This version seems to have lot more energy and fulfilment.

– On the other extreme, some are super concerned with their routines. A little disturbance with the time, order of things puts them off. May be the routine itself is purpose for them.

So you see, there seems to be some combination of purpose and routine in our life’s.

I guess, purpose gives a sense of direction and infuses energy and an appropriate routine gives us the stamina and discipline to achieve it.

The reverse seems more lazy. Fit the purpose in the available time that the routine gives is like being more devoted to the routine than purpose.

A right balance between these two is a wonderful place to be in.

Do remember, P and then comes R in the alphabets.

Ready Reckoner

Purpose: Why and What choices of our life.

Routine: When and How choices of its execution.

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