This Morning…

This Morning as I was taking my car out to drive down to work, my attention was grabbed by tiny beautiful birds jumping, hovering, shifting from one plant to the other in my garden. It was joyful to watch them in silence. It suddenly occurred to me that I am seeing things more on a shiny screen, experiencing things more through imagination, feeling emotions through visualisation…..When did I last……?

Stand still to witness the changing hues in the sky as it gently rose
Lay my back on the wet ground and stare at the twinkling patterns in the night sky
Get close enough to hear the hum of the bee and watch it obliviously drawing nectar
Sit on the river side to hear the tunes water makes against the rocks
When did I last.......?

Run through a field to feel the air gushing through my hair and soul
Unclothe beyond inhibitions and dive into the waters
Burn and Sweat under the hot mid day sun toiling on the soil 
Jump over a hedge, climb a wall, crawl under bushes, perch on a tree top
When did I last......?

Stay transfixed until a butterfly found trust to sit on my shoulder
Feed the birds with grains on my hand
Trace the path of the marching ants, watch it manoeuvre as I lay obstacles
Collect fallen flowers, leaves and twigs to make designs for fun
When did I last.......?

Gather around in a circle with friends, boys and girls, to laugh, cheer and sing
Walk around with family, mom and dad, recollecting childhood delights
Sit beside the aged, grand moms and grand dads, listening to their ramblings
Run around with kids, nieces and nephews, playing catch-catch and police-thief
When did I last......?

When did I last....see things for real, feel things for real, experience things for real....
Immersing myself closely & deeply, my entire self.....truly....!

When did I last....? When did you last.....?

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