Should God exist?

I never had to learn cooking. My mother has always been around making all the delicacies. Each time better than before. Summer savouries, monsoon masalas, winter wonders and spring surprises. Sweets and snacks, she knew it all. Things didn’t remain this way always.

I moved a few thousand miles away in my pursuit to find a meaningful job. I no longer had the luxury to only know how to relish. I learnt to do it myself. It was necessary for me to.

I slept each night quite assured that my home is secure being guarded by the German Shepard dog. It barked, growled, paced around in the compound keeping at bay cats, rats and theives too. It didn’t matter even if I dint lock and latch the doors and gates. He was bold and always on duty.

Unfortunately, he fell sick. I tried all I could, but he had plans otherwise. I was devastated. I wept. Well, it took me quite a while to accept it. I no longer had the luxury of being protected so well. I now lock my gate. Latch my door. Check all the windows, draw the curtains and then go to sleep, each night.

The benevolent God has all the powers. To cure. To care. To heal. To save. To love. and so on. He is the all powerful, kind and compassionate. He will surely take care of this world. His wisdom is supreme and everything is happening as per His arrangement.

I don’t need to worry much here. But what if, He went on leave? It was once a very urgent matter at office. All important decisions were always taken by my Manager. At this critical juncture he was not reachable over call or email. The decision had to be taken and I had to step up, step forward and take responsibility and make the decision.

The absence of my mother, saddened me. But doing what she always did, made me experience the love in her everyday labour. The absence of my friend (dog), saddened me. But taking care of things I took for granted, made me respect him. I stepped up, stepped forward and took responsibility in their absence. Things they did, I had to do it myself.

So along as we consider the presence of someone else, such as ‘God’, who in our mind has the power and absolute selfless interest to take care of the inequalities, challenges, grave, disastrous and disheartening every day and Global issues, we might not make it our responsibility completely. The absence of my mother, got me cooking. The absence of my dog got me to take care of security of my house.

Its time to ignore the existence of God. Its for us, me and you to step up, step forward and take responsibility to care, to love, to share and to respect. Each of us have to shoulder the responsibility to make the world a better place. There is no God ‘out there’ to do it. If there is any God, it is ‘in here’ in each one of us. So its us. We all. We need to take care of the issues ourselves. We need to act with Imagination (Head),compassion (Heart) and dedication (Hand).


  1. Sai Ram 🙏
    Absolutely concur with you Gadimanoj. As the saying goes”God helps those who help themselves. We must make an effort and attempt with faith in God irrespective of the results and leave the outcome to God. It is difficult to act like this but sincere effort must be made seeking Swami’s blessings 🙏

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