1 or Infinite? What’s your choice?

If you have a pen with you, would you want it? If you already have food to eat, would you go and prepare food? If you have the money you want to have would you still strive to earn money?

You may still want another pen, more food and more money. Let’s say you have with you already all that you want, both current and future wants, in which case, would you still want and therefore put effort to strive and acquire it?

I am sure, your answer will be a ‘No’. If it’s something else, then please do feel free to refute/argue as comments to this article.

We only want for something which we don’t already have. We don’t want for something which we already have.

Let me introduce you to a formula.

This equation is always undergoing change for each one us. We are always trying to fulfil our desires so that the result becomes 1 = Happiness. This is an ever elusive equation.

What if, the number of desires entertained is zero? Then irrespective of the numerator, our happiness will always be infinite !!!

What is worth the chase? 1 or infinite ?

Given that you now mathematically understand this formula, let me continue my earlier chain of thoughts.

If you know that you already have everything you ever want (current and future) within you already, would you still be ‘wanting’? I am sure no. This way, the denominator automatically becomes zero and resultant happiness is infinite.

The fact is that we already have within us everything. There is a bit of faith that is needed here. As a child, I was asked not to put my hand in fire as it could burn my hand. I obeyed my mother believing her words to be true. I placed faith in her words. Was I right or not? Having grown up now and knowing things more, I am aware that my faith was well placed.

Quite similarly, the experienced souls, sages and seers, have proclaimed this truth in myriad ways. We ought to place faith in this to experience the truth for ourselves.

Just imagine, the joy of discovering the state of finding that we always had within us, everything we ever wanted !!!

Choice is ours to pursue the 1 or Infinite:


  1. Good one. It is not easy for every one to strive for infinity. One needs to evolve oneself. Even to place faith in seers and noble souls we need poorva janma sukrutham


  2. Well written. Very simple and logically explained through equation. Starting with simple example you end with a big realisation. Keep it going.👌👌👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

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