Nothing new. But everything timeless…!

My Master often said that He came not to create any new religion or new path, instead to only re-affirm the established ancient and eternal truths that have always existed.

Only recently did it dawn on me, as to how this was so true not just in philosophy alone but very much in practice as well.

At school, the prayer….Om Tat Sat Sree Narayana Tu…..Sarva Dharma Prayer was chanted by us daily. It’s part of the morning assembly routine. This is a composition by Vinoba Bhave. I discovered this upon reading the book Moved by Love – Memoirs of Vinoba Bhave.

Before every meal we were taught to chant the prayer Brahmarpanam Brahmahavihir…..Aham Vaishvanaro Bhootva….This features in the celestial divine song – Bhagavat Gita.

Ever night, before going to bed, we chanted a prayer that sought forgiveness for mistakes committed by one, both knowingly and unknowingly….Karacharana Krutam va….This is the 5th stanza of the profound Shiva Manasa Pooja composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Thanks to the efforts of the YouTube channel – The Sanskrit Channel that covered this great Sanskrit composition.

As a school boy, Swami led the school prayer with the song unknown to all the students and teachers….Aha Raha Tava Ahvaana Pracharita……This is the second stanza of the song composed by Rabindranath Tagore. The first stanza of this song is what has now become our National Anthem. I learnt about this when one of the MP sang this stanza in the Rajya Sabha session recently while conveying the idea of INDIA that we must have in our hearts.

Each of these always existed and was carefully selected and made part of our daily routine. A novel way to anchor each of us to our own spiritual heritage. A novel way of picking the most sublime compositions from individuals of diverse backgrounds, yet common in their endeavour of connecting with the spiritual fountain within. Each of their lives directed towards welfare of humanity. Thereby, a message even by the choice of composers !

Quoting from a talk given by My Master (22 July 1994)

“……To transform the world from its present state, there is no need for a new social system or a new religion or creed. What is essential is a body of men and women with sacred ideals. When there are such godly souls the country will enjoy divine dispensation. But such godly persons can survive only in a society in which there is purity of mind and good character. For these two to blossom, the basis is morality. But morality cannot flourish without spirituality. Hence the mansion of the good society has to be built on the foundation of spirituality, with the pillars of purity and character, and with morality as the roof….”

Truly, our efforts must be directed to finding the truth within to promote the peace without leading to welfare and harmony in society.

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