Stay at Home

If the biggest trouble you are facing because of the lock down is ‘boredom’, then be aware that you are extremely privileged.

If you are feeling restless about staying at home and spending lot more time on your mobiles/tabs, then be aware that you are extremely privileged.

If you are not compelled to fall on your knees and summon all the forces in the Universe, begging it do something to stop the spread of this virus, then be aware that you are extremely privileged.

The current lockdown is unprecedented, atleast for most parts of the country. There are regions that have experienced things even worse. Communal tensions, political enforcement, religious strifes, also result in lockdowns in many parts of the country. If the Govt has taken steps to impose such restrictive lockdown, one can only imagine the gravity of the issue.

If this is the first lockdown you are experiencing, with no access to any non-essential services, then be aware that you are extremely privileged.

There are so many, who dont have any of these privileges currently. I love this video – A Thank you message ! Please do see it.

With great privilege comes greater responsibility.

  • The least we can do is to stay at home. I am sure or atleast hope that you know why we should stay at home. Else, I would say that along with being privilged you are also ignorant. Which is then too sad.
  • There is more we can do. Pray. Pray, Wish, Hope, Visualize the healing and well being of everyone across the world.

A decade ago, during my college days, on Teachers day (Sept 5th), when asked for some words of guidance, my professor told us the below:

Pray as if everything depends upon God and work as if everything depends upon you.”

This is the time to be reflective, introspective, creative, innovative, responsive, caring, pragmatic, and empathetic.

This is the time to be part of a collective action for greater good. For the sake of my lungs, I avoid taking walk in dusty streets. My legs understand my lungs. Similarly, for the sake of everyone else, lets understand and Stay at Home !


    1. Stay at home applies for rich people. Privileged = rich folks, non privileged = poor folks. Let me remind you that there are nearly 0.7-0.8 billion Indians who simply can’t offered to have square meals per day if they don’t work on a given day. Most of the problems in India are due to poor governance, incompetent leaders and blatantly corrupt beurocrats. India simply doesn’t have the capacity to face the pandemic. Indian govt is under reporting cases due to very conservative approach of testing. Per capita of hospital beds is one bed per 10000 people. How is it going to face such a pandemic?
      India is a hopeless country


  1. Aum Sai Ram 🙏,
    Even if we can’t go out there to the scene of disaster and be of some help as a doctor or a nurse let us atleast do the least contribution from our part by not becoming a carrier or contributor to the already fast spreading calamity. So the least and the simplest way of our contribution to the nation and humanity is by Staying Back At Home. Can’t we as dedicated citizen do even this much??
    Why contradict and stand in the way of anything that is Good For the people for their protection and welfare. Let’s put aside Everything and Anything That Is Against Our Country’s Safety And The Protection Of It’s People.
    God Bless Our Country 🙏
    Thank you,
    Vatsala Shanker


  2. Excellent way of expression Manoj I loved it.

    I just heard and thought of sharing.
    Three P s can save us at this moment of lockdown
    P_ precaution s
    P_ Purity at physical, mental spiritual level
    P_ prayers


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