We and They

We are protecting ourselves from Corona Virus, They are protecting themselves from dying out of hunger;

We are worried about our future, They are worried about their very present;

We are stressed seeing so much news, They are lost with no news available to them.

We are finding ways to keep ourselves and our children entertained and occupied, They are struggling to let their children know that they could meet each other once again.

We are not going to get our increments, They have already lost their daily wages.

We are losing our current jobs, They are losing their very livelihoods.

We are asked not to use public transport while coming to work, Their only option is to use public transport, which is no where in sight.

We are asking for tax breaks, They are asking for food to break their forced fasts.

Truly, a part of our lives are in lockdown, Their entire life seems to have been locked down.

We are not travelling out of choice, They have no choice, but to travel kilo miles by walk.

We have added Netflix, Hot Star, Prime and what not to our list, They are struggling to keep their mobiles charged for minimum use.

We have even private luxury hotels for self-quarantine, They have only dilapidated, ill-equipped, poorly managed pulic quarantine centres.

We are taking pride in our goodness and charity, They are lamenting their current state of complete loss of independence.

We can obtain our movement pass in a few hours, They are borrowing money to get even their form filled online.

We have got accustomed to Zoom, Google Meet and Skype, They have no option but get accustomed to neglect, brutality and submission.

We are watching the Gods in vintage productions as a passtime, They are crying out to the Gods in pain and prayer to preserve themselves.

We are going virtual to continue our schools, Their schools have already been taken away for quarantine centres.

We want to purchase bicycles and new exercise shoes for our new found love of fitness, Their only footwears have already worn out from walking for ever.

We are stiffling their plans to return because we need them later, They are asking for us to care now and here.

We are staying at home, They want to go home and stay.

We dont want to die from Corono, They are dying even before Corona…..

Why is it always about we and not about them?

What is it about us, that we have left them to become they?

When will it become us, one for each other?

Its time, for us to shed our we, provide embrace to they and become US…..!


  1. SaiRam 🙏
    The situation and the comparison between the two sectors of the indigenous and the migrants in society has been so well brought out. The brutal truth of the two extremes in the economic and social level of these two classes of people mentioned is very pathetic and saddening. This is very hard to digest. Where all these is going to take us will unfold in the days to come.
    God save this world 🙏.

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