Same frame, focus differently

When we see a person, we can consider one to be based on what meets the eye. The physical form, shape, size, color, weight, height etc. Physical possessions. This is when we make judgements about a persons physical beauty, good looking or not, handsome or not, beautiful or not and so on. Rich or poor and so on.

When we see a person, we can consider one to be based on what meets our mind. Our past interactions, memories of time spent together, what we know of the persons life and history, relationship to us. Talents, attributes, following, religion, orientation, political leanings, nature of the person and so on. This is where we like or dislike the person, seek or distance the company, feel a bond or not. Consider like minded or not. Feel kinship or not.

Ofcourse some of the aspects such as kinship, bonding etc arises out of a combination of what we see through our eyes and what we see through our minds.

Every individual is a combination of three aspects, as often told by my Master.

The one you think you are, the body. The one others think you are, the mind and the one you really are, the Soul.

Here I am focusing on the glass and grill of my window. This is like seeing the physical.
Same frame. Focussed differently. Here I am focusing on what I can see through the grill and glass and not on the frame itself.

When we see a person, we can choose to look deeper within and not stop at what meets the eye or what meets the mind. There is a certain spirit, soul, life, energy, atma within each individual.

It’s normal for us to stop at the physical and mental dimensions. But with awareness, constantly reminding oneself, we can begin to see the soul within each.

Same frame. Focus differently.

Such a vision of unity, of the self same spirit that is all pervasive is what unites all of us. Like the thread that holds together varied flowers in a garland.

The question now is: How do we train ourselves to see with this focus all the time? How do we remind ourselves to see like this all the time?

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