We may not be related, but we are connected.

Lets take a close look at this beautiful free-hand painting done by Deeksha, daughter of Savitri Bai (maid who stays with us and helps us with house work). They belong to Lambani community and hail from Jayurayanahalli, a village in Pavagada Taluk in Tumkur District of Karnataka. Deeksha is currently in Class 8 and studies at Rani Sarla Devi School in Jayanagar in South Bangalore.

Art by Deeksha

As I look closely and reflect on this painting, It tells me much more than what meets the eyes.

Like the various leaves in the tree, none of us are related to each other. The leaf at the top is a stranger to the leaf at the bottom of the tree. The leaf at the right side is unknown to the leaf at the left end of the tree. Very much like all of us in this world. I am not related to the folks living in distant lands. Why that far, I am unknown even to folks a few blocks away in my locality.

But then, the same tree shows us that each leaf is connected to the other. Each leaf belongs to a twig, each twig belongs to a branch. Every branch is connected to a larger one and those inturn connected to the tree trunk. Like wise, we may not be related to each other. But definitely we are all connected to each other.

Each of us like the leaves are distinct and unrelated, at the same time each of us like the leaves in the tree are deeply connected to each other.

We live our lives, making decisions and choices, celebrating success and wins based on our limited idea of ‘relations‘. Our engagement with the world is divided into two groups broadly. Those related to us and those not related to us. Either by blood, race, caste, religion, country and so on. In each such scenario we are creating boundaries and dividing ourselves.

Instead, we need to live not by relations but by the underlying hidden connection. Each leaf must not just survive but also do its duty and contribute towards the well being of the tree. Imagine if each leaf were to ignore the connection and instead do stuff only for itself. Over time, the tree would collapse.

Think about this, reflect on this and ask yourself what it means to live by connectedness and not just relations.

Today the tree of humanity is in a crisis. Its decaying with the numerous cuts we have inflicted upon it with our narrow minded boundaries and selfish circles of relations. Its time that each leaf in this tree of humanity steps up, becomes selfless and contributes for the well being of the tree.

The tree of humanity needs leaves that live by the connectedness and not just incidental relations.


Deeksha is a natural artist. No formal training. Our family gets to see her free flowing creative imagination and expressions every day in the rangoli designs and her paintings. Its my humble endeavour to encourage her innate talent and also to enable her to have alternate means of livelihood to choose from when she grows up.

Hence, with her permission, I wish to put this painting on sale. Let it remind us of the connectedness constantly. If you wish to buy this, please message me on Whatsapp – 8073292851. I will sell this to the person who quotes the highest amount. 100% of it will go to Deeksha. In your message to me, include your name, place, postal address and the amount you are willing to pay. (will consider all requests received upto 15th July 2020 and then finalize)

If you want to convey anything to Deeksha, write your message in the comments section below.


  1. Sairam Deeksha, very nice to know about you and your skill set about drawings. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I have a small favor to ask you and that is : please learn singing devotional songs and sing them to please your lord , parents and all your hosts.

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  2. Deeksha is got a lovely hand. Keep encouraging her and who knows how far her natural skill gets sharpened can take her.
    You have put a very complex subject in very simple terms using Deekshas painting.

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  3. So lovely, and so much harmony in the painting. Manoj has brought Deeksha’s painting to life by his lovely insights. Look forward to many more. Deeksha can also try to exhibit her work at chitra santhe in January.

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  4. True Manoj, Deeksha is really talented, especially the rangoli she makes in front of your house, they are so beautiful. Every time I come to your house , I make it a point to see it n enjoy .

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