Can man create God ?

God created Man. God created this entire universe. There is absolutely no doubt about this.

But then can man create God?

The answer is an emphatic Yes. Man can very much create God. It is in his reach and capability to do so, irrespective of economic status, geographic location, language of the tongue, color of the skin, gender of the form, age of the body, education of the mind, and any other distinction we can conceive of.

But How do we create God and where can we create God ?

Each person can create God within oneself.

Lets think of it like Lego. All that we start with are blocks of various sizes and colors. By itself, this means nothing. But the moment we give it a shape, the moment we bring it into some form, it bears a meaning.

Lets begin with creating a form. But then what is God’s Form? Each religion has portrayed God in some way. Every being conceives of God to be of some form. A man thinks of God to be Super Man, thus lending the form with multiple hands and multiple heads. Probably the bull thinks of God to be a Super Bull, with a much bigger body and golden horns. But then what is God’s true form? God says: “Love is my form”.

Filling our personality with Love (Compassion, kindness, sacrifice, humility, devotion and empathy) is verily giving shape to God within us, its verily giving a form to God within us.

We now need to bring this form to life. When we buy battery operated toys, how do we bring it to life? We put in charged batteries and then the toys spring to life.

Having created the form of God as Love within us, now how do we bring it to life? What is the life current that is the very life breath to bring God to life and keep him alive? How do we breathe life into this form? God says: “Truth is my Breath”

Living a life of truth (integrity, unity & purity of thought, word and deed, treading on the path of Dharma), is verily bringing God to life and keeping God alive within us. Everytime we ignore truth and act otherwise, we are choking the very breath of God, making it extremely difficult for God to stay alive.

The seed that is planted sprouts soon. But all seeds that sprout dont grow up to become plants.They need to be nourished well with water, manure and sunlight. The tender sapling then over time grows into a beautiful plant and later into a tree that gives flowers and fruits to one and all.

What is the nourishment to ensure that God within us grows overtime? What is the food we need to feed so that God grows and stays healthy? God says: “Bliss is my Food”

Bliss, constant, deep and genuine happiness as an expression of equipoise amidst joys and sorrows, highs and lows, wins and losses, success and failures, days and nights, at all times and in all places. This is the food that nourishes and grows God within us.

Going back to Lego. Once the blocks are arranged and they take the shape of various objects and characters, the child then begins to weave a story and gets immersed in the play.

For such a God created within us, what is the kind of life God leads? What will be such a Gods life story? How does one immerse oneself through such a God within us. God says: “My life is my message, Expansion is my Life. No season for Love, No reason for Love.

We script the life story of God within us by being inclusive, broad hearted and ever forgiving. We create a life, a story of Gods existence within us by performing all actions with love, as expressions of selfess love, for the joy of the action, driven by neither moods, money nor any kind of motives. We immerse ourself in love

Wow ! Amazing indeed !

The Lego blocks break someday. The toys become disfunctional someday. The plant or tree reaches its end someday.

What about this God that man has created? Will it meet an end someday? God says: “No birth, No death.

God thus created and manifested in Man is immortal, breaking the chains of birth and death. Man disappears and God remains on forever.

Can man create God? YES.


  1. Truly worth reverberating all the time on what Swami said so and how you have interpreted very smartly. TY for sharing your thoughts. It is worth giving this article to Swamis magazine.

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    1. it is amazing to see how Swami’s words are expressed in your creatve way of thinking and writing style. Indeed this article is a rare piece and deserves 🙏 appreciation.

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  2. Truly worth reverberating all the time on what Swami said so and how you have interpreted very smartly. TY for sharing your thoughts. It is worth giving this article to Swamis magazine.

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  3. It’s a beautiful read. Very well articulated!!! In fact you have shown how to practise this song in daily life.


  4. Brilliant, Manoj! “God created man in His own image!”, says the Bible. The cycle is complete when man creates God in his own image too! Unfortunately, man is creating the computer in his own image …. AI, robotics, VR and all.

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    1. You have been my inspiration to think, reflect and practice right from the Vedam days. I fondly recollect your guidance for my first ever speech on the topic – Gratitude – A Great Attitude. Thank you sir. May we not just listen and enjoy the song, but also make it the very song of our lives.


  5. What a lovely post Manoj. Loved the way you have penned this down. As I was reading through I was hoping that I can create God in my lifetime. Perhaps a shared wish we all have. Thank you so much such a powerful and deep post.


  6. You have explained a profound truth in a very simple and beautiful way. The deeper understanding that God is within us and needs to be discovered starting with our own mental constructs comes out lucidly.

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