A reminder for 364 days ahead !

Many homes across the landscape on this day offer worship to the form of God as Lakshmi. Commonly referred to as Goddess of Wealth.

God today is worshipped in the form of a Mother. A feminine form. Symbolic of love, nourishment and basis for our growth and progress.

We further describe the Divine Mother with 8 names – Ashta Lakshmi. They are Aadi Lakshmi, Dhaanya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi and Dhana Lakshmi.

Now let us view these two dimensions together. Today we worship God as Mother and we have attributed to this Mother – 8 distinct names.

As we enter into this world, emerging from the womb, we are fed, nourished, loved and cared by our Mother. Aadi Lakshmi. She is verily the first mother in our lives.

As we grow and wade through life, we realise that nourishment and growth happens through many others ways as well, of which food is indeed fundamental to our life. Food nourishes our body and mind. And thus Dhaanya Lakshmi.

Courage is verily life. Lack of it is akin to death. If we fear, can we ever attempt or do anything. A venture, a task, an objective, an adventure, each of it needs some degree of courage and confidence. Courage nourishes our pursuits. And thus Dhairya Lakshmi.

No task can be accomplished without the support of many others. Be it at home, office, field, sports, academics, art, war, politics, philanthrophy, social movement, corporate dominance, market share, spiritual transformation…..everything needs the support, alignment and facilitation of others. This can be brought about through a certain influence. Absense of this influence leads to setbacks and failure. Influences nourishes our endeavours. And thus Gaja Lakshmi.

None of us are immortal. We shall all die one day. The tasks that humanity has taken upon are gigantic and definitely not achievable in just our own lifetimes. Finding the God particle, understanding the universe, harnessing the solar energy, travelling to outer space, pursuit of peace and happiness, social transformation and all of these and more are each inter-generational efforts. In each of these we reach a certain milestone after a few 100’s of years. Thus generations contribute their effort to an idea to manifest it, to understand it and to unravel it. Thus future generations keep live the spirit and quest of man. Progeny nourishes our endeavours and quests. Thus Santana Lakshmi.

The old proverb goes thus. Success begets success. Each moment of success is a rung in the ladder that helps us climb another step onward and upward. No one will deny the benefit from being successful. Be it about a new dish at home or a game at play or task at hand. Job well done, has its magical effect that boosts our morale, infuses confidence, fills us with a sense of satisfaction and positivity. Success verily nourishes us to move forward. Thus Vijaya Lakshmi.

What food is to the body, knowledge is to the mind and intellect. Can we live with food alone? No. We need knowledge as well. The importance of literacy, education and knowledge is known to each of us. Imagine if we didnt have the education we now have and the understanding we now have. Could we have progressed in life? Knowledge nourishes our progress. And thus Vidya Lakshmi.

Poverty is a curse. Wealth is boon. In todays time, everyone knows the importance of wealth. Wealth not just limited to money but also the wealth of virtues. The wealth of positive virtues such as patience, fortitude, perseverance, commitement etc. Money and virtues keep us alive. They nourish and uplift us. And thus Dhana Lakshmi.

On this day, we offer worship to the Goddess considering her to be Aadi, Dhaanya, Dhairya, Gaja, Santaana, Vijaya, Vidya and Dhana Lakshmi. This is a day of reminder and so we create a form of the Goddess in our Prayer rooms and offer worship so that we are thankful and we express gratitude remembering the various Mother principles in our life that nourish us – Physical Mother, Food, Courage, Influence, Progeny, Success, Knowledge and Wealth.

Today is a reminder for the rest of the 364 days. Today we worship the One God, calling out 8 distinct aspects, so that rest of the 364 days we remember that each of these – Physical Mother, Food, Courage, Influence, Progeny, Success, Knowledge and all forms of wealth are verily the nourishing energies – the Mother principle of God….

Today we consider that the feminine form of God to be the embodiment of Mother, Food, Courage, Influence, Progency, Success, Knowledge and Wealth….as a reminder so that 364 days ahead, we consider each of these as God. Mother is God. Food is God. Courage is God. Influence is God. Progeny is God. Success is God. Knowledge is God and Wealth is God. Reminding us to treat and deal each of these with reverence, gratitude and love not just for our own nourishment but for the nourishment of everybody around us, the poor, needy, the destitute, the marginalized and vulnerable.

In consuming, we consume ourselves. In giving, we give ourselves. We are given to give.

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