Discovering Goodness #7 – What will you choose? – Wall or Roof ?

This is about my neighbour. The plot next to our house was vacant, until my current neighbour decided to buy the same and build his house.

He didnt spare an inch of land. He didnt care to even leave us some breathing space. He constructed his house right on the boundary line. He gave no room for either wind or sun light to enter our windows. We requested him to be considerate, but he refused. We urged, he ignored. We pleaded, he turned deaf ear. We insited, he threatened. We raised our voice, he was willing to go any extent to retaliate. We then left it, he proceeded as he had always planned.

For years, each time I see the wall of my neighbour’s house, I am reminded of his pettiness. But then as time passed, the construction of his house was complete. The final roof was laid and soon his new house was inaugurated. If I go to my terrace, I can see his terrace.

Rarely would I wake up early or have time to go to my terrace whenever I did wake up early. Always on the rush to office or some work or the other. But then ocassionally I did get a chance to go to my terrace. I get an amazing view of the rising run, greenery all around, chirping birds, flying eagles, buzzing bees, workoholic wasps, and so much more.

This time, I looked not at the wall but instead the roof of my neighbour’s house. I saw two bowls kept on a mat. One seemed to have water and the other some food. Amazing sight of camaraderie ! Pigeons, Parakeets, Crows, Squirrels, Mynas and for sure smaller insects and ants as well. All of them were sharing their morning meal.

Intrigued, I went again to the terrace after few days and witnessed the same. I soon realized that my neighbour has been placing water and food on his terrace top on every single day for the last 15 years or so. Wow ! Thats amazing.

Now everytime I see the roof, I am reminded of his gentle and silent magnanimity.

In each of us, in every person around us there are both – walls and roofs. If we focus our attention on the walls, the world looks pretty divided. If we focus our attention on the roofs, the world looks elevated and ennobling.

Lets elevate and amplify the roofs of our personality and breakdown and demolish the walls within us.

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