Discovering Goodness #8 – Bringing India to us ?

Where is India? Is it just the geographical space occupied between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean ? Is it just the 28 states and 8 union territories?

My Master talks of Bharat as follows:

Khanda Khandantara Khyati Narjinchina, Mahaniyulanu Ganna Matru Bhumi, Paschatya Virula Paradrolinchiyu, Swatantryamunu Ganna Samarbhumi, Pandityamuna Chala Prakhyati Ganchiyu, Pratibha Chupinchina Bharata Bhumi, Sangita Sahitya Shastriya Vidyala, Dhishakti Chupina Divya Bhumi, Chitrakalala Toda Chitramaiyunnatti, Bharata Bhumiyandu Jananamondi, Bharata Mata Dharma Bhagyambu Kapada, Badhyatanta Mide Balulara

Listen to this in my Masters voice:

What does this mean ?

This is My Motherland, Whose fame crossed countries and continents, And conceived many an eminent man. This is the brave motherland who drove away foreign rulers, And obtained independence at last. This land of Bharat earned name and fame for scholarship, And exhibited its excellence everywhere. This is the Divine land which showed its intellectual eminence, In the field of literature, music and many ancient sciences. This is the land which made its mark in fine arts. Having been born in this land of Bharat, It is our bounden duty to safeguard this sacred land, And its secular and spiritual treasures, Oh Children of Bharat! 

Truly India is where it spirit lies. And where is this spirit of Bharat.

Tremendous effort underway by this team behind Virtual Bharat. Each video brings to us the underlying spirit of India. Ours is a rich cultural heritage, one that we can be extremely proud of. Take pride in being an India.

Unity is Strength
Soul is limitless
Indomitable Spirit
Voice of Oneness
Courage is Truth
Music is Divine
Learning has no age
All barriers are man made. People of the spirit know no such
Art, Tradition and Excellence
We only have to will
Grace and Excellence
God cant be kept behind doors and walls


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