Radius of shared belongingness


U want things u don’t have. U cant want things which you already have. Since you already have it.

I didn’t have a light green shirt in my cupboard and hence I wanted it. I purchased it. I already have a Parker pen and hence didn’t buy it. I have 2 cars, but don’t have a 3rd car and hence I want. I plan to buy the 3rd car.

If u don’t have it, u want it. But if you already have it, would u want it?


Now coming to the next aspect.

When do I consider I have it or don’t have it?

I don’t have a pen, when it is not in my home. I don’t have a shirt, when it is not in my cupboard. I don’t have a garden, when its not in my home layout. I would consider that there is no park that is accessible to me, when it is not in my part of the city.

In each of the instances, there is a certain boundary, within which it is mine, and outside of which it is not.

And if I want it, I put effort to include it in my boundary. Pen into my room, shirt into my cupboard, TV into my home, garden into my locality and so on…..


What I want and when I consider that it has become mine….is what I have discussed till now.

More often than not, when I have what I want, I am happy. When not, I am not happy. And I would naturally put effort to acquire it since I want it. Be it the case of food when hungry, travel to explore, serve to be satisfied, create art to express oneself and so on….almost every single act we do….


Instead of making effort to get things into my boundary, like cupboard, room, home, vicinity, etc….What if, I instead expanded my boundary ? Wouldn’t then all things within this expanded boundary become mine? Wouldn’t I end up acquiring it all, without actually being in so called direct possession of it ?

What if, I expanded the radius from personal boundaries to shared belongingness? We could simply share with each other all we have and not have to strive to acquire it bring it within our limited boundaries.

Think about this.


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