Choice is what makes us Human !

What is the one thing that differentiates humans from rest of the creation?

The creation with its myriad species of plants, animals, birds is breathtakingly beautiful. The connections, interdependencies, functionalities, is incomprehensible. Surely my words are too few to convey. I can only ask you to see this video.

Please watch the full eposide and then continue reading this blog.

The role, nature and behaviour of every creature is defined. An ant behaves as an ant. A tiger as a tiger would. A bird as a bird would. A tree as a tree would. An insect as an insect would. Such is the perfect system created by Master Designer – God. Incredible. Unfathomable. Infinitely beautiful.

And yet, a human being is said to be the crewst jewel of his creation. Why? In my humble opinion, ‘Choice’ is the ultimate dimension that we humans have been bestowed with. Isnt it our experience. Every human is different from the other. A human can live like a devil or can live like divine.

Honestly, absolutely, all so called constraints we feel are all self imposed. We are free to do whatever we want. Its a different thing that we dont always exercise this choice. Either out of intelligence or fear or love or belief or understanding. But clearly, no one controls us. We do it for our own reasons.

Choice. None of the creatures have this except us. Think about it. Reflect.

Now did this freedom come with any conditions or riders? Yes. And that is the only law that governs the whole world. Infact that is the only rule imposed by God. What is it?

‘Every action has its consequences’.

We are each free to do whatever we want, think whatever we want and say whatever we want. However, we are to remember that the consequences of our thoughts, actions and words will play out accordingly.

Choice is our only and greatest privilege. Choose wisely.

This is my 51st blog post. I cant believe I have reached this point. Would love to have your feedback about the the various blog posts published under the categories of ‘Reflections‘, ‘Discovering Goodness‘ and ‘My Master

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