Discovering Goodness #9 – Week for myself, Weekend for Service !!!

Background note on this series of Discovering Goodness – I told myself, look for goodness and you will find it in plenty. Its been such a joy discovering such goodness in this world. Each of these are personal encounters and not based on what someone else said or some forward received on whatsapp. I have personally encountered these instances of goodness.

The need for improved healthcare cant be highlighted any further than what current times have revealed to us. Availing quality healthcare services in India today, requires one to have money, be in a city/town and be networked to know good clinics/hospitals and doctors. Just imagine, how many in this country have all the three aspects I just mentioned.

At such a time, amidst such challenges, a group of 50+ volunteers and 50+ qualified doctors have come together and set up a 100% Free Tele-Health Consultation Service. All these 100+ volunteers are doing this during their weekends.

During the weekdays they have their personal lives and professional careers. They are part of families like we are, They also have personal lives like we have, They also have personal and professional resposibilities like we have.

In the weekends they come together and provide their services. This entire service is provided 100% free of cost to the patients.

They are rendering this seva under the title – Sri Sathya Sai Praana Mitra Seva. There is no doubt that each of these members are inspired by the life and teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

In the weekend of 29th and 30th August, 2020 they have provided 75+ tele consultations.

How does this work?

Volunteers receive the call. Obtain basic details of their issue and then arrange a call back from a doctor.

More than the process or technology, I want to highlight the spirit of volunteerism, spirit of seva.

We all have our personal lives, personal aspirations, personal challenges and personal time constraints. However, each of must must make time for service to society. Only then the overall health and well being of society will improve.

If each leaf complains of its work load and works only for itself, very soon the tree will collapse.

If the legs of our body bother only about itself and refuse to do exercise, then the rest of the body will face ill-health.

Well there is no doubt that doing our assigned roles itself with sincereity is the first step and then further we should contribute towards the well being of the society. Only if the tree is healthy, the leaf can also be. Only if the body is healthy, the leg can also be happy.

My Master would say: Make yourself available and rest follows. He would say, “I need your availability and not your capabilities”

I would like to end this post with an audio message from My Master.


  1. Very good initiative.
    I reminded of Swami in one of his discourses He said Education and health sector should provide free of cost for the country’s wellbeing.

    Liked by 1 person

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