Discovering Goodness #10 – He doesn’t know No

Real life incident No 1

Date: 23rd July 2020

I received the below SOS message from my Senior Alumnus, who is also co-founder of Gramvaani – Brother Vijay Sai Pratap.

Bro….need help

Sairam, do we have any contacts in Hindupur? There is an emergency, a person in Kotipi village who is having a lot of bleeding and no one to help him out and take him to a hospital..I have the contact details

There is someone who is having heavy rectal bleeding and no one to take him to hospital. He is in kotipi village

Without thinking twice I called this Sai Youth in Hindupur – Brother Gowtham. He immediately sprung into action. He called up the person in distress, comforted him, obtained his current health condition and status. He spoke to the doctor and then ascertained that it was safe to wait until next morning. He then fixed an appointment for the very next morning. Remember this was during lockdown in Hindupur and at a time when COVID cases were on the continuous rise.

Next morning, he personally drove down (8 kms), picked up the person from his home in kotipi village and took him to the hospital and got him checked up. Purchased the medicines for him and dropped him back at his home.

Brother Vijay Sai then said:

Thank you so much Gautam brother, have informed the Humsafar team…they have also suggested that they are happy to support any expenses incurred as part of the individuals treatment.

Gautham did what most of us would not. We could have approached the same in many different ways. But he responded in a way he would as if it was his own brother in distress.

Real Life incident No 2

Date: 7th September, 2020

I received below message in a WhatsApp group. ( I don’t wish to disclose the identity of the family referred to below.)

Sairam brothers. One of alumnus and her Mom are have tested positive and admitted in a covid center in Aananthapuram. Both of them are females and the centre is very bad. Bothrooms are not having doors. And they are Brahmins and in the center only non veg is served it seems. Requesting you change the center if possible.

As I read the above, my insides churned. I just could not be at peace. How can we come to know of something like this and then just brush it aside thinking, what can I do?, or What can be done? or whatever that we reason and remain in inaction or not reason and remain in inaction. Here is a case of somebody being tested positive which in itself is stress and then it’s symptoms of short breath, fever, headaches and over this physical discomforts, no proper food. Miserable indeed.

I called brother Gautham – Sai Youth in Hindupur. His response was phenomenal. He gave me options such as – “Shall we shift them to a hospital? Let’s send them food daily. Whatever needed let us do to make them comfortable.”

I was simply amazed. He immediately sprung into action. Gautam was informed of this at 9 am and by 11:55 AM, the family received medicines, fruits and some petty cash for emergency expenses. Also he had identified a Sai Devotee family that was ready to cook and send food daily. Ofcourse none of the would be possible without the presence, goodness, greatness and selflessness of two Sai Youth brothers in Anantapur – Pavan and Gautham (this is another Gautham). Many help within their comfort zone. But here it was totally out of comfort zone. One hand to go to a covid care centre and help. Truly selfless, courageous and incredible.

The family needed admission in a hospital for better care. But their arogya shree Card was back home and here their entire family was infected. Gautham collected their Aadhar cards soft copy and by 13:05 he shared back soft copy of this families Arogya Shree Card.

If we have the will to do seva. Sai will create the way for us.

Remember, Gautham did all of this, while his own father was admitted at a hospital in Bangalore. ( I have learnt that his father is doing fine now.)

Incredible response. What makes Gautham so different and so unique. He is a Bal Vikas student and a Sai Youth. He is deeply inspired by the life and teachings of Sathya Sai Baba. He is the very practical living example of goodness.

He does not know No, when it comes to helping others. And his response is always complete and selfless. Never anything less.

Last evening I read the below passage from Prema Vahini, a book penned by My Master. He says:

Page 55-56

“……Still, there is no dearth of persons who love all in equal measure, who are devoid of selfishness, who are engaged in the promotion of the welfare of all, who have dedicated themselves to the service of mankind and who sacrifice everything. But they are suppressed. They are not appreciated or placed in positions of high authority for fear there will be no place for the wicked, the crooked and the unjust.”

This article is written to appreciate acts of selflessness and to express gratitude to a Sai Hero – Brother Gautham.


  1. Incredible Gowtham!
    Having such broad heart
    and attitude to serve at any moment at any place it is a sign of Swami’s blessings for him.
    my personal experience
    also when we do service that gives us paramanandam.
    That is a royal life I consider. Whether it is hospital service, Mandir cleaning, going to school s and interacting with teacher s
    or any small amount of work also it gave us immense confidence.
    May Swami bless all the youth to think and act in a desirable way the way He wants to prepare you all.

    Liked by 1 person

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