What is your policy with regard to insurance?

This is not about asking the question as to which insurance policy we have taken. It is about our policy, our approach, our stance as regards insurance.

We all have some policy or other in our lives. We have a policy not to eat non-veg. We have a policy not to discriminate based on caste or creed at work place. Most recently we now have a New Education Policy for the country.

Similarly, the question being discussed here is ‘What is your policy with regard to insurance?’

Why do we take an insurance policy? It is to safeguard ourself from unexpected monetary expenses arising out of events in the future. These events may or may not occur and we don’t know when they may occur. So we are uncertain about them. By taking an insurance cover, we protect ourself from the monetary risk arising out of the future event.

Let us now discuss a few other aspects, beliefs that we have in life.

Do we believe that if we do good, good comes back to us? That if we help others, help comes back to us?

Don’t we many times say that we are what we are today because of the goodness of our ancestors? That we are enjoying the fruits of hard work of our elders and ancestors? On the opposite, we also curse our fate at times and attribute it to the misdeeds and bad karmas of our elders and ancestors.

Do we say, we are enjoying the fruits of the insurance of our ancestors? Do we say, we are what we are because of the insurance policy of our ancestors? I am sure the answer is definitely no.

Then, why not make a different investment to protect and safe guard our futures?

Why not invest in good deeds more and more and instead of continuously increasing the insurance policy cover?

During this period of COVID, the poor got drained of their resources and continue to struggle to find their ways out of the crisis. And the rich, instantly checked if they have insurance cover and even increased their existing health insurance covers.

If we firmly and truly believe that good returns goodness, then let’s invest in doing good deeds rather than investing in insurance policies.

While on the hospital bed (just in case) due to a personal health crisis, I don’t want to say, “Thank God, I have insurance”. I want to say, “Thank God, I have done good deeds”.

Let’s be aware, that our claim from an insurance company could be rejected for technicalities but the Law of Karma is perfect, complete and flawless. Good will undoubtedly result in goodness.

Disclaimer: I come from an extremely privileged family. I have ample life and health insurance cover. Also recently I even conducted an awareness session on usefulness of taking an insurance cover for covid. Also just 2 weeks back I have renewed my medical insurance with an additional top up.

But this reflection has hit me hard over the last few days. There is a gap in what I believe and what I am doing. I now firmly believe that the only investment for insurance we need to make is not using money but instead with good deeds. Like the premium we calculate to get to the required sum insured, my each day has to have countable, selfless and sincere good deeds.

It’s my personal belief that this is a much more unfailing and flawless divine insurance coverage.

Thus I am making a change in my policy with regard to insurance.


  1. Highlight point – While on the hospital bed (just in case) due to a personal health crisis, I don’t want to say, “Thank God, I have insurance”. I want to say, “Thank God, I have done good deeds”.

    Your heading is interesting and there is a twist once you start reading down. Too good. Superb thought. Infact, Law of Karma may give additional top up and coverage to life if invested in your way.

    Liked by 1 person

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