Break the circle, start the chain

A genuine act of kindness
Done with a tender fondness
To push another’s suffering away
To worries, concerns n fears allay

Always returns a hefty thank you
One that’s filled with lots of value
Expressed in thoughts words n deeds
Giving gratitude the shape it needs

Thus like what a mirror does
The act of kindness begets a thank you
Beautiful as it may seem thus
Like a circle completed for you

What started with you, ends with you
Alas, the wonderful fragrance of gratitude
Locked into a circle of ‘us’
Although beautiful, it’s beatitude subdued

A genuine act of kindness
Always returns a hefty thank you
Unlike a mirror that gets back to you
Turn it away, far away from you.

Refuse the thank you, gently n humbly
Revel not being praised n thanked fondly
The fragrance of gratitude be carried forward
Flower to flower like the bee onward

You accept it and you lock it
Refuse it, free it, n ask it be deflected
Into yet another act of genuine kindness
Thus the circle is broken n the chain begins…..

After thoughts,
corona is the chain to be broken
kindness is the chain to be started
compassion is the circle to be broken
_________ is the circle to be started ?

(Whats your answer to fill in the blank?)


  1. How the personification of gratitude is expressed in poem is marvelous.

    Here another thought came to mind that Circle has limited purview where as the chain has infinite and immense Value.
    Always be blessed for your reflective writings.

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