Could you? If not, then why?

Most of us are endowed with organs that enable us to see, hear, taste, feel and smell through our eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose. However merely having these organs doesnt mean that they are effeciently functioning.

Ears alone aren’t enough to hear. Eyes alone aren’t enough to see. Nose alone isn’t enough to smell. Skin alone isn’t enough to feel and tongue alone isn’t enough to taste. Do you agree?

Its only when we pay attention that we hear to the sounds that enter our ears. There are times when we are focussed on our work so deeply that we fail to hear the voice calling out our name.

There are times, we are staring at something but not looking at it, since our mind is elsewhere.

There are times, we are watching a movie and eating our food that we hardly experience the taste of what we are eating.

At times, even while walking past a placed filled with stench, it doesnt disturb us for the mind is busy enjoying a wonderful song.

Mind (Paying attention) + Sense Organs = Functioning well

But this is also not true. For these organs have their inherent limitations. Eyes cant see infrared. Ears cant hear beyond a certain decibel range. And so on. Similarly, we have limitations in being able to focus on things. Its inherent, natural and not anybodys weakness. Its the way it is.

Go through this video and you will know what I am trying to convey.

There are many who are so confident about speaking on mobile while driving. I try to tell them that its not safe. They disagree. We have to know that while we are driving, a part of our consicous mind is already focussed (although quite automatically) on driving. Handling a mobile phone can invariably lead us to lose focus on the road and surrounding vehicles and people. Whats at stake is life !

We need to understand our limitation and give importance to life over productivity. Nothing is more urgent than giving value to life. Hence, I appeal.

Please dont speak on your mobile while you are driving (Not even via blue-tooth) . Stop the car, speak and then resume your drive. Please value life, yours and others as well.

Google for the stats on “mobile phone related accidents in india” and you will know the increasing numbers yourself.

Could you spot the Gorilla? Could you spot the curtain colour change? If not, then why use mobile while driving?

Drive Safe. Drive Responsible.

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