Discovering Goodness #11 – Be My Eyes

Where there is heart, there is true innovation. Creation and Creativity flows through in wonderful ways.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. But this experience couldn’t stop me from writing and sharing about yet another goodness that I have discovered.

This is about an app called Be My Eyes. It’s incredible, awesome and superb. I love the idea, approach and benefit it’s providing to those who are visually impaired.

So far, I have got two calls.

Call #1: A visually impaired girl from North India wanted help with reading the contents of her eye test report and the prescription. Something so small and yet so helpful.

Call #2: This call happened today morning. A youth from Andhra/Telangana sough assistance to know the value of the various currency notes that was in his possession. He told me that he was totally blind.

Small tasks. Few minutes of our time. So much meaning and help to them. All through an awesome app. Fantastic use of technology.

Whoever created this app. I am full fidaaaaaaa for them ! I volunteer to promote this app.

Let’s reflect. This is a bit tangential.

1. These days many mobile handsets come with preloaded apps and games. Candy crush and many such other. Why not app such as these instead?

2. The app world works like the real world. We all use the same App Store (Apple or Android) but what we chose to look for and discover is just the reflection of what we want. It’s neither bad or good. It’s what we chose to make of it.

3. Goodness is everywhere. It’s present in every single instance and infact much more, many times over and more than what we see otherwise or hear about things considered as bad or negative. We need to seek it and it will seek us with much more force and eagerness.

Not to forget – Please download this app, share it with others and enjoy the experience of seeing the world together !!!!


  1. To help is one step. To create an opportunity to help is a bigger step. Good and great app, downloaded justnow. Waiting for a call.

    Goodness is everywhere, it is what we wish to see. Was looking out for your write up. Long time and no write up from you and here comes one wonderful, simple, yet effective and convenient way to help. Most importantly the satisfaction of rendering the support. Thanks to your write up and sharing the details

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    1. True Sagar. Very often we comfortably settle into what others have created. But we must strive to create new and relevant platforms to serve the needy in creative and sustainable ways. We got to take bold steps. Soon.


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