What are you holding onto?

What are you holding onto?

Always trying to find a balance

Less of some, more of someother

Aah, finally this means settled

Is it so? Never ever. Once again

Less of some, more of some other

And a new another now and then

Lost are we trying to find balance

The rocking boat on stormy high seas

Always this way and that way,

Here and there, never can u say

That its truly here and here only.

Lost are we, focussed on everyday living

Thus missing out the very life itself

Choose between the two, wisely and soon

Time is short, dont worry about the rest

Those near you, dear to you or far from you

Its your choice, not theirs, never theirs

Choose life and the struggle of living

Goes away, drops off like dried leafs

Hold on to Life, Feel Life, Live Life, Share Life and Love Life

The matters of living then no longer bother

Old clothes, new cutlery, chill winter, warm spring, cosy blanket, biting shoes, shiny pen, smelly hair…..suddenly will all seem the same.

Life brings meaning, understanding, connections, open hearts, joy and pursuit.

Trying to live we miss out life

When you hold onto to life, living no longer bothers you….

What are you holding onto?


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