I couldnt come up with a title for this. You decide what it should be.

He came to my home after a very long time. I was delighted. I can never forget what he has done for me. During the months when I was broken, he gave me comfort, support and even financial assistance. He had the same charming smile that he always sported. His calm face, gentle movements and soft voice brought a sense of peace to those around him. He was never easily perturbed by anything. He took to life with such ease and peace.

I welcomed him heartily into my small little home. I requested him to take seat while I rushed to the kitchen to get him some sweets and snacks. How can I ever forget as to how much he enjoys the traditional panchamrutam (Milk + Curd + Honey + Banana + Jaggery). He was much satisfied with the simplest of things.

I was eager to sit beside him and hear him share all that had transpired since we had last met. I quickly switched off my TV, put my mobile phone on silent mode and kept it away, closed the curtains and settled down to pay all my attention. Nothing else would matter to me, when he is around.

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