I couldnt come up with a title for this. You decide what it should be.

At Pre-school, during the snacks break, the teachers would walk amidst us and ask us to eat silently. At Primary school, my teachers would keenly watch and admonish anybody who spoke while eating. At High School too we were expected to follow the same. At College, nobody really watched over us, but now and then we were reminded of the necessity to keep silence while eating food. At home, its hard to keep silence, but my mother is never tired of reminding us even to this day. Until we get it right, she repeats it time and again. She doesnt give up that easily. At work, nobody cares. Its extremely hard. Thats the time we get to gossip, get to know each other and build relationships.

One day, I sat down and asked myself two questions.

  1. Why is it that we are to keep silence while eating?
  2. Why is it that it is so hard to be silent and stay focused while eating?

I reasoned out as follows.

Whenever I am in the presence of somebody whom I value extremely, working on something thats very important, praying to God and such other, I am extremely focused and pay full attention to that activity. Thats because these are very important to me and I value them. Then, is it that I dont value the food I eat. I dont waste food ever. Is’nt that valuing food?

When we value something, we respect it and pay full attention to it. I did that when my well-wisher came home. I did that when someody who helped me in life came home. Then why not for food. Isnt Food more valuable than anything else? It keeps me alive. There is no me without food. This understanding has finally made me act with awareness and not because of somebody watching over or commanding me or requesting me to do so.

But then, Is it not boring to eat in silence. Definitely not. The first few attempts could seem difficult. Of course it would be. Depending on whats your age, you have developed a habit of doing stuff while eating for those many years x 3 times. Now that you have to eat differently, it takes effort until you begin to enjoy it. So dont give up easily.

How to enjoy the eating ? Observe and experience the touch of food, smell of food, colours of food, tastes of food and sound of food. There is so much we have missed so far. Respect it. Truly practice the dictum of ‘Food is God’. Treat it for not its taste value but for something that keeps you alive, gives you energy to follow your passions, powers you up for the day, nourishes you into good health and finally makes you happy. Car without fuel is absolutely useless, despite every other feature it has. Feul alone powers it. We value it so much. We think twice about expending it, especially these days when it has got costlier so much more. Food powers us up.

Food is much more than 3 seconds taste value on the tongue.

Dont just eat Food; Experience eating food !

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