It works better in Limited than in The Unlimited

Let us walk into a limited company. We cant be seen, heard or felt. Also, our voices and sounds are not heard by the people inside this company. Lets observe what happens here….

We do see the Boss entering the company and managing the affairs and so also the various staff members. Each staff member has a designated role to play. If its a new age company then staff have some cool titles, else the same old titles that have not changed much since the 18th Century Industrial revolution.

Do you think at any time you would notice the Boss forgetting herself to be a boss and behave like an entry level staff? Not very likely right. I would infact say, that would never happen. Having become the Boss, definitely after much effort and struggle, its impossible for the Boss to forget that she is the Boss.

Lets now take a look at the staff members. Do you think any of the staff member would behave and talk as if he were a boss? I would say that it is definitely possible. We may at times play make-believe roles of being the Boss. Thats about it. Not more than just a play at times.

What would you call a Boss, if he were to forget his identity and go about his affairs in the company as just another staff member inside the building. I know you are trying to search for a word that is more descriptive than ‘Foolish’, ‘Stupid’ or ‘Insane’. What if someone justified saying that its so hard to remember being a Boss ! Ha ha. I am sure, you would laugh again at this. In the same manner, do you think a staff member could forgetfully think he/she is the Boss and boss around !?

Well, enough of this limited company. Lets move over to the Unlimited Company, where we lead our real lives.

We have been told by so many Masters, Avatars and Chosen ones that we are all born and made in His image and that we are each but a spark of the infinite Divine. Jesus said it and so did the Prohet. Kabir said this and so did the Alwars and Nayanars. Scientist dealing with Theory of Relativity and sparks say it and so do many tribal communities across geographies.

And yet, being such a ONE is so very difficult ? We forget that we are the Boss and instead behave as if we are just anyother living being on the planet and most often display the beastly characteristics. Defending boundaries like dogs, growing families like fish, accumulating wealth like honeybees and wallowing in our vices like pig and more !

Some ask as to how can one constantly remember that we are actually the Boss. That it is so difficult. Is it? Then how is it that the Boss in the limited company does it without a glitch?

Is it because of the power of conformity ? (To understand what this power of conformity is please see this video: Mind Field Episode 2 in Youtube)Millions treat us as just another living being labelled as humans and so do we to ourselves. The voice of truth is lost in the noise of the majority lies. We have to be aware of our own Mind that time and again traps us into the false make-believe play.

Back to the Limited Company. Even if all the staff members in the company were to say that the Boss is just another staff member and has no special powers, do you think the Boss would believe so? May be not, may be.

A strong willed, clear minded and someone connected to the Truth will know that her position of being the Boss has been bestowed by someone above and that cant be changed by anyone else. However, a weak minded, outwardly concerned and someone not anchored within will allow doubts to seep in. She will think, as to if so many are saying so, then it must be true. Else, why will so many members say the same thing.

Well. Thats about it. What works in the limited company so well, doesnt seem to work that well in the Unlimited company.

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