Death – A certainty thats avoided.

Who likes uncertainty? We all hope for everything to be as certain as possible. We generally avoid all kinds of uncertainty. Uncertainty of events, things, occurences, results, outcomes, relationships, et al results in anxiety, worry, tension, stress and lack of calmness.

This is the way we are wired in our brains. We seek assurance, guarantee, surety, certainty, and determinability in almost everything we endeavour to do. This is something very innate and natural to most of us. This underlies our approach to life and decisions we make both consciously, sub-consciously and unconscioulsy. The only exception to this has been My Master who would often say, “Love My Uncertainty”.

Yet, despite such a strong preference towards certainty, we somehow strangely and oxymoronically ignore and disregard one of the most certain, unavoidable and irreversible phenomenon of life, i.e. DEATH.

This is a topic very dear to me and it intrigues me endlessly. Science, towards the end of the 21st Century may suceed in getting answers to thousands more unanswered mysteries, but certainly will not be able to figure out as to what lies the other side of Life, the Death side of our story.

Death however is not the same to every species. This line from the book Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce, “We hear that human is the only creature who seems to know s/he must die“, is imbued with such profound implications that we ignore and disregard. No other creature knows that it will die oneday. Human alone seems to be aware of this fact that he/she will die one day. And yet, is there any significant superiority in our living patterns, lifestyles and life accomplishments? (Read this related post to know the superior capabilities of creatures lesser than us)

Death is Certain. Each of our lives is only for a fixed & limited duration. Yet we dont seem to live that way.

How do we handle every other situation that is time bound ?

A visit to a grocery store that gives you only 30 mins to shop vs one that has no such time limit…

An overseas travel plan for 6 days vs one that has no such time limit….

A meeting with a celebrity for 3 minutes vs a meeting that has no such time limit….

An exam that needs to be completed in 60 minutes vs one that has no such time limit…

A days work that needs to be completed in 5 hours vs one that has no such fixed duration

A baby that has to be delivered in the next few minutes vs one that has no such hurry….

A journey that needs to be completed in 3 days vs one that has no such restrictions….

Do we lead our lives acknowledging and being aware of the limitation of Death? Or do we forget about this certainty, do we avoid the awareness of this certainty, do we just ignore the definite boundary and live as if its endless?

The series of posts in this category is going to be all about Death and its derived learnings….

Stay tuned…Subscribe to be notified….Its about your death, my death and each one of ours.

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