Discovering Goodness #14: Cut, Scoop & Save

Ever since I started this category in my blog, there is so much positivity that I see around and also feel within. There seems to be an automatic tuning in my mind towards seeking positive aspects, imbibing and practicing positive practices and sharing positive practices.

This post is about something very small and often unnoticed by all of us. Its so insignificant in absolute terms, but collectively and cumulatively it turns out to be very significant indeed.

Pea Size

How much tooth paste do you use for a single session of brushing your teeth. All that is required is the amount of paste equal to a pea size. However, we mostly end up covering the entire brush length with paste with the wrong notion that more is better. (You can blame Remember, pea size is all that you need.

How often do you buy a new tooth paste ?

When you pick a tooth paste tube of 150 grams, how may days does it last for you? Lets assume that you are amongst those self disciplined few who brush twice a day, then the tube should ideally last you for about 132 days ! That is 4 and a half months. (If you are interested to know the detailed calculations, then please ask for the same in the comments and mention your email id). How often do you buy a new tooth paste ?

When do you dispose your tooth paste tube ?

Here is where I want to thank my cousin who is reason how I discovered this goodness and have since put the same into practice for the last many many years.

Materials Needed: Tooth paste tube, Comb, Scissors

Potential Resulting Impact: A city of Bangalore having a population of about 1.23 Crs can save about 1,39,551 tubes (each being 150 gms size). !

Stage 1 Technique

After having used your fingers or a long comb to squeeze out all the contents from a tooth paste tube, we usually consider that there is nothing more left in the tube and hence we dispose the same. (In case you are not doing this already, I recommend you to do the same)

Stage 2 Technique:

I now recommend that you cut the tube about 2 inches from the nozzle and check out the amount of toothpaste that would still be remaining inside the tube. You would be really surprised. I do this everytime and thereby have the benefit of brushing my teeth for another 3-5 days. If every bangalorean did this, we as a city would need 1.39 lakh tubes lesser ! Apart from money, we are more importantly saving precious resources that we so liberally and casually consume from the Earth and nature at large.

Let me summarize this short post. All you need to remember is to Cut, Scoop and then dispose your tube.

Thanks to my cousin who was practicing this and then cared to share with me. I dont save a lot of money by doing this, but I feel lot more connected to the world at large since I am contributing to consuming less resources. After all money may belong to you, but resources belong to all of us collectively.




  1. This is such a sweet post, brother. I have always done technique 1, thanks to your cousin, I shall implement the cut-scoop technique too! So touched!

    I completely agree with your sentiment. May we all grow together, be together and share the richness that has been leased to us. May the world unlearn wastage and exploitation of all kind!


  2. For one time brushing I use paste equal to pea size but now this new technique of cutting and squeezing, will be a part of my routine.

    Thanks Manoj! This is useful indeed.


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