Discovering Goodness #16 – History retold

We live in two worlds ! Online world and Offline world. I wonder how these words came about. Anyways, why digress when I am so eager to share this new found goodness.

Discovering Goodness is so exciting and energising. At first it might seem to need a little bit of conscious effort and then very soon it will become something so natural and beautiful. Your view of the world and your experiences with the world will begin to be filled with goodness. The more you see of it, the more of it comes to you. Its no magic. This is the way things work. Its the default design of the dimension we live in.

I am thrilled to have discovered an amazing youtube channel. History has been retold for us living into and born in the 21st Century.

This is something that you should see, show it to your parents and grandparents, to your children and grand children.

What a co-incidence ? Rama is decribed to be one with all the 16 attributes, a poorna avatar. And this is my 16th post under the Discovering Goodness series. !

If you find this discovery equally awesome, then please do me a favour. Share this find with many more and fill their lives too with goodness !

There is so much goodness in this world, both offline and online. We will find the world to be good or bad, boring or exciting, thrilling or troublesome, dreadful or divine, depending on what we are seeing, listening to and engaging in. Its not an absolute constant. Its a variable that changes based on us. Hard to believe ? Try it, deliberately and very soon you will agree to me definitely.

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