But only until I get to know you

Day after day, moment to moment
To aid me in my dreams
Remove obstacles & make things come true
Wanting success in both the end & means

I pray for your blessings, but only until I get to know You

When loved ones are in pain
suffering and struggling in life
crushed to ground by disastrous rains
knocked down to knees by endless strifes

I urge you for release, but only until I get to know You

A seat by the window or aisle
match winning runs in the game I love
table to table, move forward the files
warring parties to instead settle for the dove

I invoke your intervention, but only until I get to know You

Decide for me, Engage on behalf of me
Make things happen for me,  fight for me
Choose me, make me, give me, tell me
fortunes, future, fantasies and furores

I make demands from you, but only until I get to know You

And once I get to know You truly and fully....

I can neither urge, pray, invoke nor demand
Will a child ask for mothers love?
Will a country seek loyalty from a patriot?
Will a teacher demand obedience from a faithful pupil ?

When I finally get to know You truly and fully
When I know your feelings within and actions without
When I know that you are and only are, & nothing else but
Love, Love and only Love

Prayers, Urges, Invocations, Demands.....all witheraway
for these are thoughts, words and deeds
conceived, expressed and performed in ignorance
Of who you truly are and fully embody
Love, Love and only Love


  1. Very nice poem Manoji….so true….when truly know Him and understand Him we surrender and we don’t need to ask.


  2. Beautiful lines Manoj.. Very well expressed. It’s just Love and Love and Love. That’s it.

    To add to it, each time I read the title lines I am reminded of beautiful lines from His one of the discourses.

    “There are some who write and speak as if they have known Me, all that is to be known of Me. Well; I can only say this – they can never know Me and My nature, even if they are born and reborn a thousand times. To know Me one has to be like Me, rise to this height. Can ants discover the depth of the Ocean?”

    – Divine Discourse Sep 30, 1965.

    Know that He is embodiment of LOVE and rise to that standard.

    Awesome lines once again.

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    1. Thank you NSK. Truly none of us can know Him. We are but born of His grace and die into Him.
      Wave can never fathom the ocean.
      Pebble can never fathom the himalayas.
      Rain drop cannot understand what a thunderstorm is….

      We can just be greatful that in our times, the ocean itself, thunder storm itself and himalayas itself decided to be amidst us appearing like us.

      This is our greatest good fortune.

      Thank you NSK for sharing the excerpt from the discourse.


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