Discovering Goodness #17 – Water, Whisky and Coffee Breathing

These days I am writing more in Sanskrit than in English. But I had to share this one and I am still faster at writing in English and hence here you go !

Thanks to our locked-down lives, I am discovering more online than in the real tangible world around me. But how does it matter, right ?

You must be wondering what the title is about. Its catchy and intriguing !

Let us ask ourselves a few questions:

  1. Do you log-in online into a zoom session to do your pooja / prayer at home?
  2. Do you log-in online into a zoom session to know how to keep your body clean on a daily basis?
  3. Do you log-in online into a zoom session to know how to eat daily?

Of course “No”, I can hear you say that loud and clear.

Why then do we log-in regularly to exercise? Thats because we have lost knowledge and parents don’t teach it at home during our upbringing and neither do schools teach us well enough. We have pretty much lost understanding of how our body works, how our minds and bodies are inter-related & inter-dependent and how to influence one through the other.

This knowledge, once upon a time was household knowledge called as Yoga. But unfortunately today, we have to pay a lot (ofcourse many are doing it for free as well) to understand our very own body and know how to keep it going like the way we want it to.

Nevertheless, lets accept our ignorance but then also put efforts to make sure the knowledge of Yoga and its practice becomes traditional, cultural and something we pass down as part of our inheritances to our next generation. Unfortunately we dont value it as much as property, gold, cash and all those that most people value too much in life.

We must understand that Yoga is universal, not associated with any religion, caste, creed, sect, colour, race etc. Well there does need to be a founder for most things and in that regard, Yoga has definitely emerged from the land of Bharat.

Its benefits are understood widely across the world. Approach it with an open mind, a science of body, mind and spirit, then we will definitely gain.

Here is a wonderful talk I encountered through my tracked, traced, profiled online browsing behaviour (in reality there is no privacy online :-)). Watch it to know as to what Water, Whisky and Coffee Breathing is.

The science behind everything in Yoga is amazing. Watch it, think about it and make a commitment to teach your younger ones at home. Let Yoga become amongst those things in daily life for which we dont join online classes to learn and practice.

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