Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a Latin word which means “course of life.”

Most of us make this document called CV or resume to get a job or admission into a course. We do update it every now and then whenever necessary. Although we work on the document only when we need to put it to use, we are in reality doing it much more often inside our head, in our minds.

When it comes to cognizing our identity, what are all the aspects we include ? When it comes to answering the question of ‘Who am i ?”, what are the various dimensions we consider?

You may say, it depends on the context. Is it when someone asks us “Who are you?” or is it when a friend asks or when a prospective employer asks or when your date asks, or when a police man asks and so on….

My question is about you asking the question “Who am I ?” to yourself. In such a context, how do you define yourself to you ? Not so much as a formal exercise, but what goes on quite automatically inside our heads as self-talk. What is it that we emphasize quite often, subtly and repeatedly.

What would it be if you had to complete this praragraph in less than 80-100 words starting with “I am ………. “.

Dont think of this now as you read these lines. Just recollect of what it has mostly been in the recent past.

Which of these aspects / dimenions are the most prominent ones that you refer to internally to define yourself ?

Your Name, Age, Sex (biological), Education, Role in Family, Occupation, Wealth, Designations, Titles conferred by Society, Membership/Association with organisations, Lineage, Color (of skin), Shape and Size, Left handed or right handed, Hobbies/pursuits, Your disabilities, Your abilities, Others perception about you, Talents, Past Achievements, Past failures, Future aspirations, Adjectives based on your life events, Future opportunities, Your potential, Habits, Relative economic status in society, Gender (social construct that is an internal sense of self), Religion, Outlook to Life, Language, Caste, Sect, Creed, Place of Birth, Nationality, Citizenship, Species, Location in Cosmos, Individualistic or in relation to the world we live in, Spirituality, etc.

Which of the above would you include and what would be your preference order ?

Remember, its not what we tell others but what you tell yourself silently, subtly, repeatedly, inside our head, consciously or sub-consciously.

Course of life (CV) depends so much on how we see ourselves.

If we see ourselves as small, insignificant, defeated…the course of our life will stay true to this construct…

If we see ourselves as filled with courage, potential, creative and bountiful….our approach to life will be tuned accordingly and so also the course of our life.

How broad, bountiful, beautiful, holistic, connected and open ended is your construct of yourself ?

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