Discovering Goodness #18 – An endearing welcome

She is extremely skilled and inspiring at crochet (noun) and has crocheted (verb) over a 100 of them in the recent months.

She is picky about the colours and quality of the yarn. She carefully picks heart warming colors and yarn thats both easy to work with and wonderful to wear when crocheted.

She crochets from dawn to dusk. For her crocheting is akin to meditating. She remains silent, focussed, involved and absorbed in the activity. And yet she is not oblivious to the happenings at home. Her ears are sharp to the sounds of water leaking from an opened tap, be it by kids in the balcony or monekys on the terrace; to the whirring sound of the washing machine and thus keeps track of the remaining time left before she needs to go over to hang them for drying; sound of the door bell that often gets lost in the din of the living room with blaring newstime and soul-piercing devotional songs in the kitchen; the sound of the gate outdoor that secretly conveys her of a visitor or guest.

She has made the most use of her access to Youtube Premium. At first averse to everything digital and gadgety, but now she navigates like a pro and gets what she wants through tethering, synchronising, bookmarking and stuff like that ! Arabic, Greek, Latin or German, the language of the video doesnt matter to her. For she connects to the heart of any crochet craftsman (women and men).

She is extremely clean, sorry insanely clean. Any object in her care lasts easily a few more years, even to the delight of the manufacturers. She cares much more than what a product manual would recommend. It feels as if the objects specially determine to function longer for her. Every object has its place and every place is designated accordingly. She has a cloth for every dirt type and these pieces of cloth too are washed and kept clean. She is clean even in her gadgets, leaving no notifications left unattended to or disposed of as necessary. Anything digital and not understood comes to me for resolution. These days, its getting lesser, which means she is getting more savvy !

She is very caring, concerned and loving in her heart. She has crocheted so many now for babies that are to be born into the world in these strange and unfamiliar times. Each so cute, beautiful, colorful, endearing and so sweet indeed. These are given to the newly born angels at a free, charitable, special and spiritual Hospital in Bangalore. She has given these with love and they would receive it in love as Gods prasadam to them.

She acknowledges our praises and appreciation. She feels happy when we appreciate her work. But, she also dismisses them soon telling us that the Creator alone is the true and most inspiring Master Craftsman.

She is my MOTHER. And I am her lucky and blessed son.

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