Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

What have you passed on to your children ?

Food and clothing ofcourse. Toys and games too. Movies and Travel I am sure. What else ?

Oh yes, You did take care of health and certainly education.

Like you purchase goods, you bought them education too. Today we hardly know what goes into the making of a product. Similarly, you paid fees on time, checked the marks-card and may be attended the routine parent-teachers meeting or may be not. Did you ever make effort to know what is being taught, how is it being taught, etc . Never mind.

Well, all these things were bought and given. What did you pass on to your children ? What of you did you pass on to your child ?

Have you ever had conversations about culture, the way of life and living. Have you ever spoken about our country? Have you ever spoken about the richness, greatness, grandeur and majesty of our Country and its people ? Have you spent time understanding and explaining important days in our calendar. Have you spent time discussing values and principles ?

A question that every parent must answer to themselves. What are you passing on to your children? If we dont pay close attention, it will be too late to learn that they have further alienated themselves form you, your ideas and your notions.

The only reason you will be calling them your children is because you “probably” live under the same roof, celebrate the customary celebrative moments, and ofcourse because you gave birth to them.

Think about this deeply. Who exactly is bringing up your children? Who is shaping their minds? Who is influencing their beliefs, attitudes, choices and perspectives ? Who is influencing their choice of food, dress, outlooks, choice for passtimes, language and words spoken, content seen online etc ?

What is your share in nurturing their minds and thoughts?

thanks & regards,

I am not a parent.

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