The only question that needs an answer

Throughout our lifes journey we constantly evade one important question. We never answer ourselves directly and hosnestly to the question WHY?

We evade it and instead spend all our life justifying that lifes pursuit is about optimising Where?, How?, What?.

Let me explain.

We never question, why send a child to the school. We just accept it. Our focus is which school is better, how much fees, distance from home, what facilities do they have, and so on.

We never question, why buy a car. We just accept that buying car is the way to gain more happiness, freedom, convenience and so on. Our focus therefore is on which model, what price, what color, what milleage, what type and so on.

We never question, why have friends. We just accept that having friends is the way life works. Our focus is who should our friends be, where to hang out, how much to hang out, what is too much and what is too less.

We never question, the Why’s of Life, because we dont want to err being called a social rebel, a mad cap, someone who has lost his mind and so on. But the truth is over time only those who question themselves boldly and honestly the why of every thing remain mentioned in history. The value of why is seen over a life time. The value of what, how, where and how much, is valued everyday but over a life time, nobody cares for it.

Why do think, people from all walks of life and across continents have always come to India, to invade, to study, to plunder, to discover, to destroy, to worship, to attack or to take shelter.

The reason is that our ancestors have answered the toughest question of life. The Why.

Why do you think, people in India, from across towns and cities, across generations have always wanted to travel overseas and settle in cleaner, greener, places in the States or in England or elsewhere?

The reason is that they are concerned more with the what, how, where, how much, and so on. They value the everyday value of life, but who are totally forgotten, ignored and sidelined completely over time.

The what, who, where, how all have benchmarks in life. 21 kms/lt is good, 10 kms/lt is bad. Wow, you completed your England tour with just 10,000 Euros. Thats awesome. Hey, you bought this car at 15% discount. Thats a deal. Your score is just 85%, thats no good in todays time. I made money by investing in derivates, I got a return of 10 is to 1.

Where as for WHY? There is no benchmark or comparisons to be made. We are our own moral compass. There is something far more special about answering the WHY’s. It will enable us to be original, true, honest, brave, and courageous. We would no longer be the ones whose happiness is controlled by benchmarks set in the world and it instead would be our own inner moral compass.

There is this one question that waits patiently to be answered to our own selves – What would you consider a successful life to be? What would u consider a life well lived to be? And then the courage to live life that way, against all the everyday ‘value’ but ultimately making the best of an invaluable life. Think about this.

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