SSSS – The Mansion of Life

This is how my Master (Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba) would simplify Vedantic Truths. I have heard this many times. I have read this many times. However, somehow I failed to grasp its meaning in its entirety. I would attribute this to my limitation.

However, today I came across this wonderful illustration, that summarizes the connections between various concepts as elucidated by Shri Adi Shankaracharya in his commentary on the Bhagavat Gita.

This picture captures the sequence so beautifully.

Action (as per Dharma) – Desireless Action (actions not performed for its fruits, but for the sake of actions – as divine duty) – Internal Purity (purity of Chitta, Mind, Buddhi and Ahamkara) – Eligibility to be a receipient of Eternal Wisdom – Sacrifice (single minded pursuit of the truth alone and thus sacrificing everything else) – Ultimate Wisdom – Liberation (result of the ultimate wisdom)

Bhakti- Devotion – makes this journey from Action to Liberation much more easier and enjoyable.


Drawing Parallels

Self Confidence कर्म निष्कामकर्म च – We need to have basic confidence to perform right actions in our day to day living. Without such a confidence of holding onto the path of truth and righteouness in all our dealings, there is no proper beginning. Thus this becomes the foundation of our journey.

Self Satisfactionचित्तशुद्धिः ज्ञाननिष्ठायोग्यता च – Leading a righteous life, endows us with purity (both outer and inner) and thus makes us eligible to graduate to learn and receive higher wisdom and subtle truths. Every task needs some pre-requisites. A fit body to compete as an athlete. Extreme endurance and physical strength to fight a war. Concentration and critical thinking for scientists and so on. Similarly, the pursuit of life, demands certain eligibility criteria. Purity and focus of our internal instruments – of our mind, thinking faculty, discriminative faculty and doership. If these instruments are coulded, it would not be possible to use them to grasp the ultimate knowledge.

We can be truly satisfied with ourselves, only when we have been able to achive such a kind of inner purity that prepares ourselves to graduate further. Until then, we have to continue to strengthen our foundations.

Self Sacrifice संन्यासः – Ability to sacrifice everything for the sake of the one that we seek. We can’t ride with each of our legs in a different boat. This sacrifice is based on our knowledge of the supreme, not out of laziness and confusion. This sacrifice is of everything temporary and holding onto only the eternal and permanent. This is the practical application of the knowledge being aspired for.

Self Realisationज्ञानं मोक्षः च – The ultimate knowledge the frees one from everything, from all kinds of bondage, all kinds of limitation, including those imposed by the body, mind and the intellect.


Co-relating these two sequences has now helped me get a better understanding of the SSSS model of Mansion of Life.

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