Game ends, when we discover the value.

There was a man clamouring for lumps of mud when there was much gold available for him to bequeath.

Those aware of this man’s predicament did laugh at his foolishness. Who would ignore the valuable gold for lumps of mere mud.

But let’s ask the man himself as to why he preferred mud over gold.

When asked he said that mud meant everything to him. He could grow food using it, build a home, make pots and pans and more.

What about Gold. He was not aware of its value. He was ignorant about its place in the world.

Those aware of Gold extolled its value and power to him. He was baffled to know how valuable even a gram of gold was. With much lesser quantity of gold he could buy all the food he needs and also build many homes for himself and his family.

Like anyone else, at once his craze for mud left him and he now only aspired to have gold and more of it.

What brought about this change ? Right from the beginning both mud and gold was available to him. But he never cast his sight on the glittering yellow metal.

But once aware, he changed his decision to pursue the more valuable one.

Knowledge of gold made all of the difference.

Once we truly know the value of, our own self, our regard for everything else will drop away effortlessly.

Because knowing our self is akin to knowing the fabric of the Universe. It is knowing which by which the most valuable becomes known.

भक्त्या मामभिजानाति यावान्यश्चास्मि तत्त्वतः।
ततो मां तत्त्वतो ज्ञात्वा विशते तदनन्तरम् ।। 18.55।।

We can only hold on to something which we think is valuable to us. Think of it.

Do you possess anything which has no value to you ? Do you fret about anything that means little to you ?

What was that so valuable that was found by Surdas, that he refused to even regain his eyesight.

What was that so valuable that Prahlada had known for which he even endured trail by fire, torture beyond measure and near death experience ?

What is that so valuable that scores of sanyasis in the land of Bharath give up everything to attain it ?

Let us find the value of the most valuable, after which we will be wiser to hold onto to only that and leave everything else aside.


  1. Very pertinent question!!!
    Please provide the path of manual to progress in achieving that blissful experience 🙏


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