#3 Discovering Goodness – At 65 he juggles!

Ever since I have started this series titled - Discovering Goodness, I now actively lookout to find goodness. More often than not, goodness is all around us. However, it is silent and rarely announces itself loudly. What we see and notice is actually a reflection of what we want to see and notice. You may … Continue reading #3 Discovering Goodness – At 65 he juggles!

#2 Discovering Metallic Goodness

This is a very short post. It ought to be since it's about something very very small. It's about the plastic straw. In a month, I drink coconut water about 5 times at least and hence in a year 60 times. I have fruit juice/milkshake about 3 times in a month and hence 36 times … Continue reading #2 Discovering Metallic Goodness

Discovering goodness

It is all around us. Uncle (I have always addressed him so for years) in the public grounds opposite home is very regular in his morning walk and exercises. He religiously writes good sayings on the blackboard every day. The daughter of our house maid servant - Deeksha, is very good with art and rangoli. … Continue reading Discovering goodness

Aspirations of my Master

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning was founded by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Millions across the globe consider him God. His miraculous powers of healing and creating talismans is widely known. His projects for welfare of poor and humanity is acclaimed world over. There is one dimension of my Master, which is mostly … Continue reading Aspirations of my Master

What is it that we want ?

Ramayana that brings to life the story of the perfect human being is a beacon light to us in this age of numerous conflicts both internal to oneself and external. Hailed as Maryada Purushottama, meaning most respectful and foremost among the men, Shri Rama Chandra is an ideal leader, God, ideal husband, ideal son, ideal … Continue reading What is it that we want ?

Relative Vs Absolute. Let’s be aware!

There is one category of people who are motivated in purely relative terms. Amongst the lot, they aspire to be the best. This lot keeps changing, growing and expanding in different circumstances. There is another category of people who are motivated not in relation to others but in relation to themselves. Progress gives them joy. There … Continue reading Relative Vs Absolute. Let’s be aware!